Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truthteller's Final Journey

There is a journey that comes to us all, to leave this life for the next. My friend Truthteller is walking the ending of the Labyrinth of this life. He is now, in the hospital in Pallative care - no further treatments, fluids or Dialysis. He is resting in the arms of his wife, Priestess, and in the arms of Deity.
He is a man of many strengths, and many quirks - he probably has the Olympic gold medal as the world pickiest eater. He could be harsh and quick to speak without thinking, some times. He did not take as good care of his body and it's medical needs as perhaps he should have. He was also humble, gentle, utterly ethical and utterly truthful. If at times he stuck his foot in his mouth, he was also quick to apologize and make things right in utter sincerity. He would tell you always what needed to be said, when you needed to hear it, which wasn't always comfortable, but was always a treasured blessing. He is - is, for he is still with us - a computer geek of the highest degree, and kept many, many of his friends computers up and running when no one else could make anything work. When my computer crashed and ate 2 portfolios, all the pictures for the portfolios and all the class notes for the two classes the week before they were due, Truthteller put in a great deal of time on my computer and when it surpassed even his magical skills, he allowed me the use of his copier to reconstruct the assignments in time.
Years ago when Priestess' daughter, Butterfly, was struck down with leukemia, he gave them unconditonal shelter, and love and care, until Butterfly passed herself to the other side at age 19.
The words that sum up Truthteller are that he has a generous truthful heart like few of us have ever seen.
We will miss him profoundly on this side of the veil, until we take our own final journeys to catch up with him.
Go with God, my dear friend...may your passing now be painfree, fearless and wondrous, and may Butterfly meet you on the other side. Know that Priestess will NOT be left alone or uncared for, for we will all be there for her, always. That is my solomn promise to you. Truthteller, I will miss you, until we meet again.

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  1. What a very sad thing. I, too, hope that his crossing was easy, and that he is experiencing joy on the other side.