Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Different Look at Farrah...

We all know that Farrah Fawcett passed away today. There are tons of red swimsuit pictures, references to Charlies Angels, occasional mention of some of her Emmy nominated work, and a lot of the discussion of the 70's all over the place. If you squint real hard and you don't let yourself blink, the word Sculpture goes by, as in "Sculpture major in college before she..." and then mention of a collaboration with another prominant artist. His show, and works get the most coverage. So...what you aren't seeing is that she was an accomplished sculptor, who continued in her art her whole life. Let the picture of her work here speak for itself. An artist has passed. Maybe someday the world will catch up to the fact.


  1. I had no idea that Farrah was a sculptor. All of my gay blogging buddies (the men) have had pictures of her famous swimsuit poster on their blogs. Most of the men admit to having had this poster on their walls when they were teens. Only one man said he did not grace his bedroom walls with her sexy image. I am amused.

    It turns out she was a very talented artist on many levels, in many genres. It's a shame, I think, that most people only knew her as a Charlie's Angel. She was so much more than that.

  2. What a lovely tribute. I didn't know she was an artist, either. It just goes to show how far we still have to come in this ,as well as within ourselves. Thanks for giving me something to ponder today. Your work is amazing!

    Peace to Farrah and blessings to all.