Friday, May 24, 2013

The Question To Ask....

F-5 Tornado tears into Moore, Oklahoma, May 20, 2013
When tragedy like the tornado of May 20th in Moore OK occurs, we hear the question why. 
Why did God let this happen? 
And we see people run to provide quick answers - some I've heard so far have been "people didn't pray hard enough to prevent it" (seriously, heard that one) or its "God's judgement on sin" (that one too.) 
And of course its God's judgement on gays, Islam, pagans, abortions - go fill in the blank. 
Running into all those too. Its as though we are so desperate for answers that we will take any answer and hug it to us, and trumpet it loudly - however negative or abusive it may be. 
Answers make us feel safe. 
Particularly answers that create an "us/them" dichotomy. 
If it could happen to "them" because of __________, then it cannot happen to "us" because we are righteous and not like them. "Therefore we are safe." 
How tragic. 
How negative. 
How fearful.
I don't have any answers to the "Why!?" question.
I'm not that wise.
What I think is needed is a different question....a "What..." question.
A question that can be posed and answered by anybody, be they Christian, or Islamic, or Pagan, or Jewish, or agnostic or atheist. A question that is powered and driven by love and compassion. 
And tears and depth and pain. A question that is not shallow or quick to seek easy solutions and then walk away. A question that expresses all things regardless if the person's belief is in God, or the Gods or the intrinsic moral depth of humanity in the face of tragedy. Whatever you believe...
The question is -
"What can I do?"
What can I do to help? 
What can I do to alleviate suffering? 
What can I do to make compassion and love real in the face of suffering and shock and pain?
And then you go do it. 
Whatever it is, however small your part is. 
You make it real.

Monday, May 13, 2013

There are still some remaining in Asia, but the population is considered to be below 10,000. I am very much afraid we are going to start seeing a faster and faster trend of this sort of thing in the next few decades. And its really breaking my heart.