Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October offering...

The Witch
Cameron 11/27/2011

She appears this time of year,
Hanging from porches and
October trees…
Seen on the faces of children
In cackling masks.
Where did she come from?
What was her form?

Tortured body
Bent over, twisted, grotesque,
Broken bones, shattered ribs,
Teeth missing,
Face green with bruises,
Swollen with blows,
Fingers smashed into claws
Clutching, desperate…

Draped in cloth soaked black with pitch
Stinking, bitter mercy
This crone of sixteen
Or twenty-two
Or forty-five,
Or sixty-five
Or eighty,
Riding the rumbling carts
Over rutted roads
Between jeering crowds
To the approaching fires,
For her “crime”
(Ultimate victim blame).
Only in the end rising free,
A dark black Phoenix
Of ash and smoke
Flying away on the wind of the world.

And today’s  autumn wind tugs this night
On fire proof black synthetics
And green plastic masks,
As children wear her form,
 Threaten tricks,
Seek treats,
 To the wind calling low
“Never again!” 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kitten Pictures...They're growing!

I have some posts coming up with some serious thoughts in them, but before I got into that, I thought I would throw in some kitten pictures...this isn't all of the kittens, just the ones that happened to be in front of my camera the last few days. I need to see if I can get shots of all of them. 

Hermione...she's taken to sleeping with me which is an utter joy! 

Hermione, totally sacked out...

She is still the smallest of the kittens, but she's been concentrating on growing her ears today...

See what I mean about the ears? 

Amergin, sound asleep....

And he still has ears like a bat!!!

Maya, perhaps our most dignified little lady of the kittens. 

And then there's Dante! 

Who also likes to sleep on the bed with us. In this shot, he's up underneath Tanis, our big grey cat. Doesn't seem to bother him at all! 

Dante - sleep never looked so good! 

He's still sound asleep!

He has the distinctive white mark on the nose that a number of them have...
I still need to get some current shots of Audre and Rosie...they were romping last night so all I managed were blurs! They haven't quite discovered the water bed yet, but when they do.... 
So that is how our tribe is doing! We love having them, they are a joy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crabapples against an Autumn Sky...

Was visiting a friend's place and happened to look up and see this shot right over my head, perfectly framed against the intense blue Autumn sky - went for my camera immediately! Fruits of the harvest...blessed be! 


We are FINALLY out of the miserable day in, day out summer heat, with temperatures going as low as into the forties at night. The constellation Orion is now above the horizon late at night. The leaves are just starting to turn...I looked up the other day and there was this perfect autumn leaf...hail and welcome to Autumn! More pictures of the trees will be coming!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beauty in the Antarctic

Russian Diver Natalia Avseenko in frigid Antarctic waters with white Beluga whales.  
Continued to be awed by the resilience of human beings and our connection to all that lives...