Monday, April 19, 2010

Senior Exhibit Triumph part 1

Celtic Fire NFS from the collection of Cynthia Penn

Walking the Labyrinth
A Painter’s Journey in Acrylic and Oil
Artist's statement

As a mural painter, a narrative painter and an art therapy major, painting is my most invested form of self expression. Comunicating three dimensionally though a medium that is flat is an endless creative challenge; whether it is to portray an object, convey an idea, or express an emotion. Painting is about light and shadow, color and form, but then becomes more than – and is about the vision poured into it.
This act of creation in every painting also becomes a healing process, a form of self care and therapy – cura anima – the care of the soul. This is what gives art therapy its power to aid the human heart.
In this show are images, shapes, forms and feelings that come from my heart and from my painting and from my healing. The paintings seek to interact with the visitor and in doing so, become greater than the sum of their parts. May each person find in these paintings personal meaning as they walk through the gallery, and may they be blessed.

Labyrinth Acrylic on canvas $1200.00

Celtic Knotwork Acrylic on canvas $1000.00

Candles Acrylic on canvas $300.00

Detail of Candles

Detail of Candles

Detail of Candles

Detail of Candles

Intimitation of Light Acrylic on Canvas $900.00

Detail of Intimatation of Light

Detail of Intimitation of Light

Detail of Intimitation of Light

Dream of the Wood Oil on Canvas $800.00

Figure studies in oil

Figure study one Oil on canvas $75.00

Figure study Two Oil on Canvas $75.00

Figure Study Three Oil on Canvas $75.00

Part two of my posts about my Senior exhibit are pictures of the actual Exhibit reception - which are on the cameras of numerous friends and relatives! As soon as I round up all the pictures from everyone, I will post and tell about that event - it was WONDERFUL!!!

I am very grateful to many, many people for exhaustive help - Dreamweaver, Light and friends who gave way too much of their time to help me hang the show, my teachers - Teresa Prater and Glenn Miller, among others - who nurtured my painting, Resa and JoAnn and the crew they brought in to cater the exhibit - the catering made it a smashing success! And Jennifer, the student worker who helped me take it down. There are more people to thank, and I will include them in the next post.

More to come once I get my hands on the rest of the pictures!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebration and Thanksgiving...

This is the short version of this; I will do a longer post when I am done with my Senior Show. I have been having trouble with the language requirements at the college...the otherwise straight A student here cannot seem to pass a language requirement. My Spanish teacher in Spanish 102 last semester raised the idea that I had difficulty with languages because I might have a learning disability...needless to say I was stunned by that idea! However, testing proved him right!
Due to the test, the college has credited me with the language requirement based on what I tried to do, and added in a low grade in French from my first trip though college 20 years ago to round it out, and got me out of the requirement!!!!!! As I am 5 weeks from graduation, and am scheduled to start graduate school 3 weeks after that, this is a gift, blessing and miracle of enormous proportions! If they had not spotted the problem and been willing to work with me based on it, I would not be receiving my BA in May!
There is a lot more to this, due to my realization of how this unknown learning disability has, with me all unknowing, affected my life up until now and how it will continue to do so. But that part is a post for another day...
Suffice to say, that for now, I am a grateful, relieved, ecstatic individual! Thanks be to God/dess! Oh, yes, and the rumor about 20 pieces being required for my senior show was just that...a rumor. No truth to it. So, yet more relief and joy! Will reapear here after my show opens on Monday! Blessings to you all!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel IS an oncoming Train...

I mentioned I was in my last semester and scrambling - Senior Exhibit is two weeks away, and counting down...a little behind, but catching up admirably, until a rumor passed to me today that we are "required" to have 20 pcs in the show....first I've heard of that! I got some great stuff, but not 20 pcs! I am sternly resisting the urge to panic, and will confirm this rumor when I get to school Monday (can't catch anyone right now - Spring Break). If the rumor is not true, all is well. If it is, then we panic - although I am already stepping up the painting production just in case!!!

This is the latest painting I have just finished - it is a "self portrait", 48 x 36, titled "Dream of the Wood."

This is my latest canvass all set to go, below...

All wishes, hopes and prayers are welcome!

(Not to mention time machines!)