Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebration and Thanksgiving...

This is the short version of this; I will do a longer post when I am done with my Senior Show. I have been having trouble with the language requirements at the college...the otherwise straight A student here cannot seem to pass a language requirement. My Spanish teacher in Spanish 102 last semester raised the idea that I had difficulty with languages because I might have a learning disability...needless to say I was stunned by that idea! However, testing proved him right!
Due to the test, the college has credited me with the language requirement based on what I tried to do, and added in a low grade in French from my first trip though college 20 years ago to round it out, and got me out of the requirement!!!!!! As I am 5 weeks from graduation, and am scheduled to start graduate school 3 weeks after that, this is a gift, blessing and miracle of enormous proportions! If they had not spotted the problem and been willing to work with me based on it, I would not be receiving my BA in May!
There is a lot more to this, due to my realization of how this unknown learning disability has, with me all unknowing, affected my life up until now and how it will continue to do so. But that part is a post for another day...
Suffice to say, that for now, I am a grateful, relieved, ecstatic individual! Thanks be to God/dess! Oh, yes, and the rumor about 20 pieces being required for my senior show was just that...a rumor. No truth to it. So, yet more relief and joy! Will reapear here after my show opens on Monday! Blessings to you all!


  1. Wheeeee!!!! Good news all around! I'm thrilled to the bone that you have received credit for the language requirement.

    How long will your show be on display? I want to see it if I can. School is winding down here, which of course means lots and lots of work. Two more weeks of class, then finals. THEN I can breathe again.

  2. And there was MUCH rejoicing.
    I was IMing with Cameron shortly after the 20 piece rumor cropped up.
    It wasn't pretty. The deep down soul panic was there beneath the common sense - that has to be a rumor vibe.

    Ah art school....and to think one day I plan to go back and get my doctorate.
    Proof positive that art and insanity skip merrily hand in hand.