Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update - The Georgia Case and the Judge's Ruling...

In my last post, I vented - rather a lot, at length and probably over much about Orly and her attempt to have Obama declared ineligible to run on the ballot in GA.
I was very steamed over the fact that this made it as far as it did in the court and in the end, the judge did rule that Obama was indeed *oh duh* a United State's citizen and threw out their case. I totally wish that he had not let it go even that far. It gave a sense of "legitimacy" by allowing them to subpoena the President.

There is no question that the President - ANY President - of any party at any point in America's history or future has been and should be subject to the same laws that govern us all. However, subpoenaing a President for crack pot theories, nuisance suits and political machinations is NOT something that any President can allow to occur. Responding in any other way than how the lawyer representing Obama in this case did - a letter stating their position, and that this was the extant of their response - would open up  a legal can of worms. Anyone in the highest office in the land would be constantly tied up in courts and suits rather than governing and doing their job. And anybody who had a crack pot case such as this, or who saw the ability to manipulate the system by tying up the President in constant court battles would not hesitate to do so.

Obama is not a perfect, nor is he the Anti-Christ. He has done things I do not agree with. He has also accomplished much in office that is good. There have certainly been worse Presidents. But we need to remember, that however we may feel about our Presidents, the proper place to express our opinions is the voting booth. Respect is owed the office irregardless of who sits in the chair. I'm not always able to maintain this attitude myself - but it is what I believe and I do try to let my actions express this.

Hopefully this will help establish precedence and prevent any further attempts by "Birthers" to continue to pursue this particular lunacy in legitimate courts.

Nah...what am I thinking?
Its a crazy world out there.