Friday, September 18, 2009

Good News...

In my post In Our Own Back Yard....
below, I asked for prayer for our grandson Wisdom (6 months old) who was being tested for Cystic Fibrosis. We got good news today - the tests came back normal - he does not have CF!!! Now, he is six months old, but is way smaller than he should be - 3 months clothing is fitting him, maybe loosely. So obviously, there are still concerns and probably further tests in his future. So those who read my blog, please continue in prayer for him as they seek a cause for his situation. But having a Cystic Fibrosis test come back negative is cause for great rejoicing. Relationships continue as strained and cut off. Please pray for us all on that too.

Thanks be to God, and to all who pray for us.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

*Head-Desk-Thud* moment. Please join me....

This article appeared buried in a news email on one of my lists that I follow....ARGH!

Jamaican police claim murder of British consul was not homophobic despite note calling him a 'batty man'

The murder of a British honorary consul in Jamaica was unlikely to be a homophobic attack, local police have said.
John Terry, 65, was found at his home last Thursday with severe head injuries and a cord and piece of clothing around his neck. He is thought to have been beaten around the head and upper body with a lamp. Post-mortem examination results showed he died of strangulation.
A note was reportedly found on the bed called him a "batty man" – a homophobic term of abuse. It added: "This is what will happen to ALL gays" and was signed "Gay-Man".
However, police believe the murder may have been the result of an argument between Terry and someone he knew.
There were no signs of a break-in at the property and neighbours said they had seen him with a young black man in the days leading up to his murder.
Head of serious and organised crime, assistant commissioner Les Green, said evidence made the killing unlikely to be a hate crime.
"I don't think it is a homophobic attack, although it's been run in the UK press. It isn't consistent with the information that we have. It is unlikely," he told the Sunday Observer.
Green also played down reports of high homophobic murder rates, saying although attacks happen, few end in death.
He said: "There have been attacks mainly in the Corporate Area but they have never ended in murder. There are openly gay people in Jamaica and they live quite openly and mingle freely."

(see link for complete article.)

if you are assaulted, but not killed then its a hate crime motivated by homophobia, but if you are murdered, then it's not. Not to mention the note which announced motivation of said murder to the world, lets disregard that, please. Maybe they do have something they know that they are holding back that changes the picture, but you know...I kinda doubt it.

Oh - AND...that line above? "There are openly gay people in Jamaica and they live quite openly and mingle freely." Gay sex between two men can carry a ten-year jail sentence or hard labour in Jamaica. Sex between two women is currently legal but many lesbians face persecution.

Please join me for a group moment - ready?

*Head - desk - thud* repeat as needed!
And remember John Terry's family and friends in your prayers this day.

The Times, They Are A-changing, Part 2

In 1999, Peter, Paul and Mary went on tour to support their CD Songs of Conscience. The tour brought them to where I lived and I went - once in a life time opportunity!

I had just, under soul wrenching conditions, just come out as gay, which altered my whole life. I was still emotionally raw and wide open, struggling with questions and thoughts and decisions.

Mid way through the concert, they sang "Home is Where the Heart Is" which originally was released on their CD "Life Lines". I had never heard this particular song, and I sat there with tears running down my face as I listened. It gave me hope beyond words to hear such beautiful words of acceptance and love, it gave me hope for a future - one that may still be far off - where homophobia and bigotry are a thing of the past, and we are all just people together, irregardless of gender or orientation. I will always remember this concert and this song as long as I live. Here are the lyrics.

Sally Fingerett-©1991 Green Fingers Music, BMI

On the corner there's this nice man
His name is Mark,
He's always smiling
He's got this mom who comes on Wednesdays
In the evening with soup so steaming
He shares his house with his friend Martin
They're not brothers, they're not cousins
My little girl wonders all about these men
I take hold of her hand, and I begin

Home is where the heart is
No matter how the heart lives
Inside your heart where love is
That's where you've got to make yourself
At home

Across the yard live Deb and Tricia
With their tools and ladders
And their room addition
My kid yells over, "Are ya having a baby?"
They wink and smile, they say, "Someday maybe.
"But through their doors go kids and mommies
Funny how you don't see the daddies go in
My little girl wonders'
Bout this house with no men,
I take hold of her hand
And I begin


'Round the corner, here comes Martin
He's alone now, he tries smiling
He roams around his well stocked kitchen
He knows that fate will soon be coming
My little girl wonders where he will live
I take hold of her hand and I begin


Martin sits and waits with his windows open
His house is empty, his heart is broken
We bring him toys and watercolors
He loves to hear my little baby's stories
She's the gift I share
She's his companion
She's the string on the kite
She guides him into the wind
My little girl wonders who will care for him
We take hold of his hand and we begin


Thank you Peter, Paul and Mary, and in particular, this day, Mary. You made the difference that you hoped to make, in one single heart. You lit that one single candle. And it will always shine!

The Times, They Are A-changing...Part One

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary died on Wednessday in a Connecticutt Hospital. The information below was posted on the band's Website. (

Mary Travers was an iconic folk singer, a dedicated activist, a writer and a poet, a mother, and, along with Peter Yarrow and Noel (Paul) Stookey, a member of perhaps the most influential folk music trio in American history.

Peter, Paul & Mary became famous for their ability to convey powerful personal and political messages through a repertoire of songs that became, for millions of Americans, an introduction to political awareness and activism in the movements born in the 60’s; movements for freedom, justice and social equity. For many, Peter, Paul & Mary became the soundtrack of their participation in an ongoing commitment to a progressive American vision of social equity, justice and freedom.
Mary Travers was born in November 1936, in Louisville, KY, but spent the majority of her childhood and teen years in New York City’s Greenwich Village, a crucible of creativity and progressive thought. She was an early member of the Village folk scene of the 50s, singing weekly at the Sunday afternoon folk music gatherings in Washington Square Park where the great folk artists of the day would congregate. Mary recorded with a gifted group of teenagers, dubbed “The Song Swappers,” who released two memorable albums, and appeared twice at Carnegie Hall with Pete Seeger. Among Mary's other musical influences were Paul Robeson, Josh White, Jo Mapes, Bob Gibson and Ronnie Gilbert of the Weavers. While still in her teens, Mary sang in a Broadway review starring Mort Saul, a highly successful comedian and political satirist.

The folk group, Peter, Paul & Mary, began with Mary and “the boys”, as she called them, in Noel Paul’s East Village apartment singing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” which launched what was to become an almost 50 year career arc.

With her stature, long, flowing blonde hair and signature bangs, and her arresting and passionate vocal delivery, Mary Travers became an irresistible force in Peter, Paul and Mary’s performances. These performances helped bring the folk scene to the broad American public, ushering in the Folk Renaissance of the 1960s.
The trio first performed in Greenwich Village’s “The Bitter End” coffee house, but soon grew from a village phenomenon to become the dominant force on radio's music programming as the subject matter of songs changed from relatively benign pop lyrics to messages of content and conscience that stirred the nation as it came to embrace the Civil Rights Movement and, later, the Anti-War Movement of the late sixties and early seventies.

Along with Noel Paul Stookey and Peter Yarrow, Mary, beyond the music that she recorded and sang, became a spokesperson for the movements that were to change the direction of America for decades to come. Championing the rights of the disenfranchised and the legitimacy of those who advocated for greater fairness at home, Mary, along with her partners in the trio, advocated for dedication to principle, rather than simple dominance, in America’s policies abroad.

Peter, Paul & Mary’s self-titled debut album, released in 1962, rose rapidly to the top of the “charts,” and remained in the Top Ten for ten months, and the Top 20 for two years. Their first hit single, “Lemon Tree” was swiftly followed by "If I Had a Hammer" which became an anthem of the Civil Rights movement” and was performed by the trio at the 1963 March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his legendary “I Have a Dream” speech.

Peter, Paul And Mary touched the lives and hearts of tens of millions of people with their songs -- a message they lived in their personal and public lives as much as they sang it in concerts and memorialized it on records. With the exception of one multi-year break in their touring, the trio traveled throughout America, Europe, Asia and Australia, spreading the message they inherited, and carried forward, from Pete Seeger, The Weavers, Woody Guthrie and innumerable, nameless, creators of the folk legacy.

They sang together over a span of almost 50 years during their career. They won five Grammy's, produced 13 Top 40 hits, of which 6 ascended into the Top 10 - as well as eight gold and five platinum albums, including songs such as "Blowing' In The Wind," "If I Had A Hammer," "Leaving On A Jet Plane," "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," "500 Miles" and, of course, "Puff, The Magic Dragon."

At the end of almost a decade of intense togetherness, the trio gave themselves seven years in which to pursue individual interests. Mary found her own interests and pursuits to be wide ranging. Along with recording solo albums, "Mary" (1971), "Morning Glory" (1972), "All My Choices" (1973), and "Circles" (1974), Travers performed with symphonies, hosted a syndicatedradio show, lectured at colleges on “Society and its Effect on Music,” and wrote newspaper editorials and commentary. She also produced, wrote, and starred in the BBC series "Rhymes & Reasons," which dealt with societal mores and changes in recent times.

In this period, Mary continued her activism on behalf of human rights. Her commitments included an active role in the Washington based Center for the Development of International Policy, a non-profit that sends fact-finding missions to countries where American Foreign Policy has a particularly meaningful impact. Travers participated in missions to El Salvador and Nicaragua. In 1983, through the UAHC (Union for American Hebrew Congregations) she visited the Soviet Union to learn first-hand about the challenges facing Russian Jews. While there, she gave intimate concerts in the homes of “Refusnik” Jews’, those Jews denied application for release and emigration from the Soviet Union.
During the '80s, after their rejuvenating years of personal re-definition, Mary and her longtime performing partners became deeply involved in efforts to raise the consciousness of Americans about US support of a repressive regime in El Salvador, as well as the refusal of the American government to grant sanctuary status to those targeted by El Salvadorian government sponsored "death squads". The trio also became highly vocal in opposing America’s funding of a mercenary army in Nicaragua that was committed to destabilizing and crushing a legitimately, albeit Socialist, elected government.
Later years brought about many advocacies shared by the trio. They joined and performed at national marches for women's choice in the nation's capital, demonstrated in support of the Anti-Apartheid Movement committing an act of civil disobedience that led to the trio's arrest in front of the South African Embassy, including Mary, Mary's mother and daughter. They mounted a campaign to alert New Yorkers to the reality of homelessness as more a phenomenon involving women and children in dire straights than the conventional view of the homeless as irresponsible drunks and vagrants. And, they reprised their support of Cesar Chavez in the 1960s, making an appearance to support the migrant strawberry workers in California.

Many other efforts thread their way through the lives and performances of the trio, and continued virtually until their last concert performed in New Brunswick N.J on May 20, 2009. It was here where Mary received numerous standing ovations that recognized her life and work, her courage and her determination in facing the lingering effects of chemotherapy--a treatment that allowed her to conquer Leukemia through a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. At this final performance, Mary and her two friends of almost 50 years were by her side, supporting and protecting Mary with great love, pride and compassion, sang the iconic songs that always ended their concerts, "Blowing In The Wind" and "If I Had A Hammer" followed by their encore, "This Land is Your Land". This was a testament to their relentless optimism about, and love for, America, and the pursuit of freedom, equality and justice it represents.

“We’ve learned that it will take more than one generation to bring about change," Mary once said. “The fight for civil rights has developed into a broader concern for human rights, and that encompasses a great many people and countries. Those of us who live in a democracy have a responsibility to be the voice for those whose voices are stilled."

Mary is survived by her beloved husband Ethan Robbins, her daughters Alicia and Erika, her sister Ann Gordon, Ph.D, and her granddaughters Wylie and Virginia.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Our Own Back Yard....

I am having trouble today. It has been a bad weekend. We lost two of our cats (separate situations - one died a natural death to age, the other to health complications and being poisoned by a flea treatment that we did not know was dangerous.) within 24 hours of each other. That has left us grieving and fragile. Which was when THIS blow fell....
I read stories posted all the time on one of my email posts - which are very important to me - of families torn apart by homophobia and hate.

Cut off from each other.


Relationships lost, damaged, unhealing.

Well, Dreamweaver and I are among those stories. We found out yesterday in a brief heartbreaking phone call that our grandson Wisdom is being tested today for possibly having Cystic Fibrosis. This is a serious illness and if he has it, can cut his life short. His parents - Dreamweaver's son The Marine and his wife Patience have cut us off from seeing the grandchildren because we are gay (there is far more to it than that but that is the public reason, and it is reason enough) We have seen Wisdom once, a few months after his birth but were not allowed to hold him. His sister, our granddaughter Beauty does not know who Dreamweaver is, or that she even has another grandmother from whom she is biologically descended. We found out that Wisdom was born weeks after his birth when we happened to check in with The Marine and Patience's Piccasa picture site and saw photographs of our new born grandson. Nobody called us.

Now we have found out, the day before he is to be tested for this illness, that he is very small for his age - he is 6 months old, and is about the size of a 3 month old, and not doing well. Patience and The Marine have known for several weeks that this was a possibility, but never contacted us. Basically, Patience called us to find out if there is any history of Cystic Fibrosis in Dreamweaver's side of the family - which there is not. Dreamweaver immediately offered to come if we could be of any help - The Marine is staying home today to be with Beauty, his daughter while Patience takes Wisdom for the test. We only live a few hours away. Patience brushed by the offer of help unacknowledged, and then had to get off the phone abruptly because The Marine had come home.

All you who may read these words...please remember little Wisdom in your prayers - pray that he is simply undersized for his age, but healthy, or that if there is a problem that it is something far less severe or mortal than Cystic Fibrosis. Pray for Patience and The Marine as they go through this horrible time - surely the most awful thing a parent can face. Pray that some how, someway, our relationship with them might be healed and made whole. It's all I can do to write this; Dreamweaver is devastated.

Where is homophobia striking?

In our own backyard.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Readers Response....

Some times it's worth the time and effort to read carefully, to think, and to respond to those whose lives are dedicated to journalism and reporting. We need to remember that there are people behind the words they write. That writing is a two way street between the writer and the reader. That no one operates in a vacuum. And that we need to be sure to read within context and with thought what is written.

On August 27 this article was published in the Washington Post by Monica Hesse.

Please go look it up and read it. Also, my partner, Dreamweaver blogged about it on her blog
"Grace DreamWeaver : Reflections of a Suburban Witch" -

"Opposing Gay Marriage"

In this article - clumsily titled by the editors at the Post - "Opposing Gay Unions With Sanity & a Smile", Ms. Hesse interviews and writes about Brian Brown - the Executive Director of NOM, the National Organisation for Marriage. ( )

Her article is styled as a basic feature interview, that deals solely with Brian Brown and his views. It is subtle. She does not attack him, nor does she bring in opposing views. She simply lets him speak for himself and thereby hang himself quite nicely. When I read it, it made perfect sense to me. I did not see her article as being "pro" - NOM or antigay marriage. It very clearly showed the dangers of this man and his very normalcy when contrasted against the hysteria and outlandishness of Dobson, Hodges and Phelps. Her article was an amazing piece.

Then the howling reaction started - she was seen as anti-gay marriage, her article was called bizarre, criticized harshly, and dissected for lack of journalistic reporting - where was the other side's views, etc. The point of the article was completely missed and missinterpreted by many. I was stunned.

The Washington Post issued an apology and an explanation of what Monica Hesse was trying to do and why she handled it the way she did.

In reading the article, I came to the conclusion that mine and Dreamweaver's take on it was correct...that it was a subtle piece done in "feature" style that let Brown hoist himself by his own petard. In fact, Hesse - who's ex is a woman - is very much pro-gay marriage, just the opposite of what the detractors of her article are claiming.
I couldn't stand it...I dug up the appropriate email address and wrote the following letter to Ms. Hesse :

Dear Ms. Hesse
I am sure as you open this, your heart is sinking...oh no, another person angry at me for the Brian Brown article "Opposing Gay Unions With Sanity & a Smile". I am writing you to tell you that my partner and I GOT it! It was a very good article, and we understand what you were trying to do.
I think maybe the only thing you were guilty of is being subtle, in a world where people expect to be spoon fed their controversy in small words, and big pictures!
I read your article very carefully several times - and Brown frightens me. You are dead on right - his very clean cut reasonableness makes him a hundred times more dangerous than the Dobsons, Hodges, and Phelps of the world! This was actually a cutting piece of journalism where you allowed the interviewee to hang himself with his own words. And the interview sections with his wife were beautifully done - you showed a woman who has been isolated and embarrassed by her husbands career, who does not personally share his vision, and struggles to get him to come home on time...she may say that she wants the person walking through the door to be a man for the sake of her kids, but then you show that she has trouble getting him to come home through that door at all...

"What time will you be home tonight?" Sue asks.
"Ahhhh . . . "
"Well... "
"Six. Just say it and do it. Six."

That is not a united happy marriage, when you say something like that in front of a journalist! Also, her moment of speculation was very revealing - She's pictured what it might be like to be on the other side of this debate. "I know many awesome women, and I've thought about what if I got together with one of them” Wow...I think that Brown had better pay more attention to his own home and marriage before he comes after me and mine! Including the slight dissonance between Brown and his wife was excellently done.
By showing his ties to the Catholic church and his extreme reliance on rationality, you portray a man who actually cannot think for himself but must have structure and framework...things must be rational, things must not change. That is someone who is still immature, and unable to deal with change and growth. Your question "Does he ever think that what he sees as an abrupt historical shift is, perhaps, progress?" and his response was "It’s irrational" was very telling! Lovely handling of the situation. His actual arguments are shallow, and his knowledge of history is non-existent. And you showed that beautifully!"He liked Catholicism’s traditions of social justice and work for the poor." One wonders then WHY he isn't bending his considerable organizational talents towards that social justice and caring for the poor...instead its condoms and anti-gay marriage.
Monica, thank you! It was a relief to read a piece of journalism that was not written as though I were on a grammar school reading level, that by quiet unrelenting contrasts unequivocally showed that this man is dangerous, and also off balance and heading for a fall. Please show this to your ombudsman, and let him know that not everyone missed the point out here!
If you ever get the courage to reopen this subject, I'd love to hear from the gay friends that Brown claims to have...what they say would be interesting. Or a riposte article from the GLBT side that is as measured and reasoning and subtle as this one that gives the opposite view in sanity without ranting.
Well done! It’s good to know there are still journalists capable of writing with clarity, subtlety and sophistication, even if it appears to be lost on the public.
Thank you for your work, and for this article! Your voice is important and should be heard - now go get 'em again! We need you, if we are ever going to stop the Browns of the world!

PS I have family members that I am not Out to as gay - if this is published in a readers response, I ask to remain anonymous. Call it an illustration of the dangers and sadness of the world we live in thanks to the Brian Browns!
I sent this off to her, with some hope that who ever scans her mail would catch it and maybe show it to her. I underestimated Monica Hesse's dedication. It seems that she deals with her own email. She replied to me personally a matter of hours later. This was her response...


You have no idea how much it means that you took the time to write this letter. I've received a few emails like yours, but I'm sad that more people didn't read the piece as you did. I think that once a few blogs got hold of it and posted selections from it without explanation, it grew very hard for new readers to read the piece as anything other than an endorsement. Anyhow -- thanks for being a very bright spot in a very terrible week.


I am very glad that I wrote to her!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mike Rogers, Closets and Outing, and Political Insanity

I encountered a post awhile back on Mike Rogers blog that Outed Andre Bauer, the Lt. Governor of my state as gay. I have mixed feelings about the concept of Outing someone against their wishes. I think it is a heinous practice and causes great harm...on the other hand, politically, Rogers has a point! I emailed Rogers post to the moderator of a list I am on, because I was conflicted over the concept of Outing, and concerns about validity and ethical reporting...I felt it was relevant, but I wasn't sure it was an appropriate post to the list. The Moderator took it on and posted it for me, and his prefacing remarks are perfect.
He also found some reactions to Rogers claim that Bauer is gay that boggled my mind - like an accusation that SANFORD, the beleaguered scandal ridden SC Governor orchestrated Roger's rumor! Unbelievable!

The political circus continues...popcorn anyone?

List post On Rogers, Sanford and Bauer, oh my...

"Cameron -- a South Carolina resident -- brought this to my attention early in the week, and was hesitant about posting it. I'd seen previous references to the 'rumors' about South Carolina's lieutenant governor and his alleged closeted sexuality, and didn't feel at the time there was sufficient substantiation -- or mainstream reporting, in any case -- to bring it into this conversation. But Mike Rogers claims to have a "100% track record" of accuracy in his 'outing' of public figures -- and counts former U.S. Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), U.S. Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida), and others among his 'hits.' (It may be duly noted that a perfect record seldom continues indefinitely. )But in this web posting, he goes into long-winded detail about his restraint in reporting on South Carolina's Andre Bauer until he had acquired 'confirmation' through personal interviews with a handful of persons allegedly in a position to know the truth. Rogers' rationale for his reporting is that the people he outs are homosexual, however much they deny it, but in their zeal to identify with (and to gain or keep the support of right wing political and religious forces), they behave publicly as enemies of TLGB equality and justice, and therefore deserve no consideration or 'grace' with respect to their alleged identities and hypocrisies. Whatever you feel about the practice of taking an individual's discretion regarding privacy around sexual identity or orientation out of their own hands and publicizing it yourself, Rogers counters that his is not a matter of vindictiveness but of self-defense for the community at large. But perhaps the chief consideration for posting the reports here is that both Gov. Sanford and Bauer -- each trying to survive sexual 'scandal' -- are card-carrying members of the conservative, blustering, and increasingly phony-sounding 'family values' wing of the Republican Party. In fact, 'wing' has reached the point of misnomer -- it has become the entire structure, with only a few outbuildings of progressive or even moderate philosophy.Perhaps the appropriate concern here is whether the sphere of politics will ever be free of the attitude that accusations of gay sexuality are prima facie evidence of immorality, and potentially mortally wounding. Probably not as long as the once-proud Republican Party (of Lincoln!) is alive and in the grip of fundamentalist faith police.

Clipping:, August 31, 2009 [Photos at this link]
By Michael Rogers
First to dispense with all of the right wingers who will post in the comments that I have not come up with physical proof of this case. Before commenting, I urge you to look at a few of the cases I have reported on in the past:On October 17, 2006, I reported that Senator Larry Craig was a closet case who bashed gays while engaging in oral sex in public bathrooms. Comments on the site included: "that's all you've got?" ... "hello -- what is the proof?" ... "Put up or shut up -- this is not the place to act like you have some inside knowledge without providing the facts."It took over a year for one of my closest friends to tell me that when I first outed Craig he didn't believe me. I explained, I have a 100% record and I don't screw cases up. Then, On August 27 of the next year, we all learned some more about Larry Craig and his bathroom habits.On March 4, 2005 I reported about a certain Florida congressman who had a habit of hitting on men half his age. "...Mark Foley hit on men less than half his age..." I wrote. And once again comments came in. "Where is the proof???" people asked. On March 22 of that year, I awarded him the Roy Cohn Award for his part in contributing to anti-gay oppression from within the closet.Then, on September 28, 2006, Mark Foley was exposed for inappropriate emails with young pages and eventually instant messages came to light as additional proof of who Mark Foley really was.So, that's the preamble. In other words... I'm a reporter. I meet with people and I talk to them. Then based on a review of all of the facts, I report closet cases that hurt the gay community. You may not like my style, but I have a track record of 100%.And for those reasons I am now able to confirm a rumor that has circulated in South Carolina for years. South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is a closeted anti-gay politician who stands to replace Mark Sanford should Sanford resign or be impeached (a real possibility, as Sanford is caught in his own sex scandal.)So, what is the deal with Bauer? I have confirmed and spoken to four individuals who I have no doubt are telling me the truth. These men have been hit on by Bauer, with one of them telling me it happened at least five times since Bauer's election in 2003. To a varying degree I have met with and believe the sources. And, as you'll recall, I have that 100% record. This was still not enough for me to report on him. Then another call came in and I met with the source while he was visiting DC recently. "He's gay," the source told me."How do you know?" I asked."Because I've had sex with him on two separate occasions." That too, was not enough for me to report on without confirmation from others. I was led on a path to chatting with acquaintances of the source and two former employees of Bauer who served on his staff between 2004 and 2007. They reported to me that on a total of three occasions Bauer spent hours alone with men in hotel rooms. Each of them explained that the visits were with younger men who were not on the staff of the Lt. Governor nor had any official reason to be with him. The two men confirmed that they had not known each other and each described similar circumstances under which these interactions occurred. One of them confirmed that he was told by the Lt. Governor's visitor he had a sexual encounter with Bauer.The combination of the reports and the first hand experiences were what I need to maintain my 100% record of being right in my reporting on this site.This case is particularly interesting because the governor Bauer serves has a little sex issue himself. It was Mark Sanford (a former resident of the now famous C-Street House) who decided it was appropriate to use the state's resources to fly to South America to rendezvous with his "soul mate." As you can imagine, this did not go over too well with Sanford's wife, who moved out of the governor's mansion. (I give her credit, she was not one of the fools who stood by on TV as her husband confessed his sins (see: Craig, Suzanne and McGreevy, Dina).His record? The bachelor is a right wing Christian conservative. He's done everything from defend the state issuing "I believe" license plates (complete with a cross on them) to defending the right of schools to use corporal punishment. In the presidential election he supported Mike Huckabee.There have been many rumors over the years about the Lt. Governor who was endorsed, incidentally, by Mark Sanford's wife (she must have an attraction to men with sexual secrets) but now they are, for the first time, verified on the site that has a 100% track record of this reporting. All of the other reports were based on rumors and innuendo, this one is based on individuals I have personally spoken with and met. Let there now be no doubt.There is another difference between this report and others. This one will be on satellite radio coast to coast! Over the next week or so, I'll be providing a variety of take action activities to make sure the right people in SC know the truth (and not the rumors) about Bauer. After all, what good is an outing if the right people don't know about it? Ask Mark Foley. Ask Larry Craig. Ask Ed Schrock. Ask them all.
Copyright 2004-2009
Michael Rogers

Clipping: WIS-TV10 (Columbia, SC ), Sept. 2, 2009 [Video clip at this link]

Last week, South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer said he would sacrifice his political ambitions if Governor Mark Sanford resigns. Sanford refused, and now Bauer finds himself on defense. The issue? His private life. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer wants to talk about where he would take the state if Gov. Mark Sanford leaves office. And unless Sanford decides to step down soon, making Bauer his successor, the lieutenant governor will likely run for the number one job.But since his remarks on the subject last week, Bauer has become a target -- first, accusations on a web site claiming that the 40-year-old bachelor is gay. That post has been picked up and repeated on other sites. We found at least 17 of them, all despite Bauer's previous denials. On Tuesday came strong condemnation from some of Bauer's closest advisers.Said communications director Frank Adams, "Rumors, gossip, lies, innuendo.... a bunch of scurrilous crap." Another consultant called the claim a "hatchet job." It's a frustrating situation for Bauer and, potentially, any candidate. "There's really almost unlimited power or license that they have now on the web or on the blogs where they can pretty much say anything," said USC's Dr. Robert Oldendick. "And you can either choose to ignore it or, if it gets enough momentum, to say, 'well this is really something we need to deal with,' then just address it."In June, Bauer did address an earlier round of rumors about whether he is gay. Said Bauer, "One word, two letters. No."One Republican strategist says things like this don't happen in a vacuum. He says someone in the party and perhaps a number of people believe Bauer has a good chance to become governor and decided to throw a "hand grenade" to stop him now. Another party activist says even though they may have reached thousands of people, the claims by bloggers are not bound by the truth and should be ignored.Copyright 2009 WIS.

Clipping:, September 4, 2009[Photo at this link]
By Andy Barr

The increasingly nasty fight between South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer escalated further this week with charges from a legislative ally of Bauer that Sanford and his supporters are spreading rumors that Bauer -- a Republican like Sanford -- is gay. GOP state Sen. Jake Knotts made the charge in a letter to state legislators Wednesday that was obtained by POLITICO. In an interview in June with The State newspaper, Bauer voluntarily brought up the subject of his sexual orientation. Asked if he was gay, he responded: "One word, two letters. No." But the rumor has continued to circulate widely on the internet and has become caught up in the continuing drama surrounding Sanford, whose adulterous affair with an Argentine women has led to calls for his resignation. Bauer, who would succeed Sanford if he left office, called for Sanford to resign last week. Sanford communications director Ben Fox rejected Knotts's charges. "This letter is simply wrong and in that regard, as bizarre as many of the other claims and attacks of recent weeks, " he said in a statement to POLITICO. "Some have even argued this indeed points to an obsession with slandering anyone who tries to change the 'good ol' boy' system of politics in Columbia." "South Carolina is facing serious challenges, and the governor is dedicated to addressing these challenges alongside other members of the Legislature committed to the same. We have a state capital with too much spending, too little transparency, and as shown by this letter, at times too many political attacks." Bauer could not be reached for comment. In his letter, Knotts charged Sanford and his allies of having "stooped to a new low" in orchestrating a "false character assassination" against Bauer. "The timing of this smear campaign is obviously not a coincidence. Last week, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer called on Governor Mark Sanford to resign, and last weekend, the House Republican Caucus decided almost unanimously to move forward to ask Gov. Sanford resign from office, under threat of impeachment, " Knotts, who is a close ally of Bauer, wrote in the letter. "This attack was orchestrated on behalf of Mark Sanford, either directly or indirectly, and financially subsidized by him or one of his many 'front-groups, '" he wrote. Knotts, a vocal and longtime critic of the governor, accused Sanford's circle with having made a similar attack against him in the past, and warned state lawmakers that they too could find themselves trying to quell politically damaging information coming discreetly from the governor's office. "We cannot allow this type of groundless, baseless, Internet slander against public officials to continue to exist in our state," he wrote. "The legislature now has the opportunity to look into ending it once and for all. If we don't, you and your family could be the next target." Even among Republicans, the majority of South Carolina politicians have called for Sanford's resignation. Additionally, numerous sources throughout the state say that both the state House and Senate may now have the numbers to call in a special session to impeach the governor. State Republican leadership, however, is holding its members back from making the move until the results of a state ethics probe into the governor's use of state aircraft is completed. Knotts wrote in his letter to lawmakers that Sanford has given them "plenty of solid reasons to remove" him and argued that the alleged attack against Bauer offers "one more" reason to impeach the governor. "As one of Andre's closest friends, having known him since he was 8 years old, I am 100 percent certain the rumor is false," he wrote. "There are numerous other witnesses who will attest the rumor is without any merit whatsoever." Another Republican legislator, state Sen. Larry Martin confirmed to POLITICO that Knotts has been e-mailing the letter to members of the state House and Senate, and said that many state lawmakers think Knotts is "accurate in his suspicion of the governor." "Everyone I've talked to thinks there is some connection to the governor, just because of the timing of it, but it is very hard to prove," Martin said. "Unless you've got proof, everyone can have their suspicions, but I certainly wouldn't accuse the governor of that."

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