Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And the new hip!

X=ray from today of new hip joint
(the left one - which is the one on your right in this picture. )
And here's the new hip - the left one. The other one I had done roughly four years ago. I am recovering very well, its been a long, long haul! Still a little stiff-ish, sore, and can see some bruising still from the clamps. A few muscle groups are still aching from being yanked around during installing the hip. All of which are normal at this point in the game. I am walking. I am pretty much completely off pain meds. And the pain that had me thinking I was walking on a broken leg is gone! Yay, 2 hips done, I'm through. No  more hips to worry about. 

The new hip installed in the left hip. 

Slowly working on picking up the pace again. I am managing housework, and walking for exercise. I will be returning to school,. to painting and to blogging! And I am very grateful to be able to move normally for the first time in my entire life! This is a very good thing!