Friday, April 2, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel IS an oncoming Train...

I mentioned I was in my last semester and scrambling - Senior Exhibit is two weeks away, and counting down...a little behind, but catching up admirably, until a rumor passed to me today that we are "required" to have 20 pcs in the show....first I've heard of that! I got some great stuff, but not 20 pcs! I am sternly resisting the urge to panic, and will confirm this rumor when I get to school Monday (can't catch anyone right now - Spring Break). If the rumor is not true, all is well. If it is, then we panic - although I am already stepping up the painting production just in case!!!

This is the latest painting I have just finished - it is a "self portrait", 48 x 36, titled "Dream of the Wood."

This is my latest canvass all set to go, below...

All wishes, hopes and prayers are welcome!

(Not to mention time machines!)

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