Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hail storm and rain....

We had an enormous storm roll in over us today - lightening, thunder, hail, 60 mph winds - shook the trailer! We did not lose power, but the ground was literally covered in hail!

This is what we could see from our back door, as it came down - the water and hail is actually level with the little back porch, which is actually about 5" off the ground!

Here on our stove top, are two pieces of hail, with a quarter and a penny for comparison to show the size! It was all quite impressive, and while things are quiet and I think it has mostly moved on, we are still under a tornado watch for the next hour.

So it was all rather awesome, and amazing - one of those scenarios where you realize just how big the universe really can be.


  1. yes...the verse is so very big...and we are so very small.

    Humbling ain't it?

  2. I am incredibly glad that you weathered that alright. Da was on the other side of that same storm cell and also said that it was an impressive sight to behold.