Monday, March 22, 2010

Whats up...

Ok...I am in my last semester of my senior year. I am short on sleep, time and brains. I know posting here seems to have ground to a halt. Fear's temporary! I will eventually get the second part of the GAFilk post up...and I have another one in mind about last Friday when I attended a GLBTQ Symposium with side issues. I *WILL* get to these eventually, I promise. Until then, please, please be patient with me. I aim to graduate and that is the priority of the moment. So, I am writing papers, living in the painting lab, and hustling to my internship the words of the old joke, I am trying to find me...if you see me, grab me and hang on to me, until I get back!

I will start graduate school, right after I get my B.A. - oddly enough, it's probably going to actually slow down the pace of my life for a bit when I start graduate school, at least at the beginning. So hang with me...I am not gone! I have a commitment to this blog. There will be posts still to come. Until then, be happy, be well and keep me in your thoughts.


  1. Yes, I figured you and Dreamweaver must be very, very busy right now! Sometimes life is like that! Work hard, have fun and see you when the Mad Rush is completed!

  2. Whassa' matter? A little slort on sheep?

    It's almost over. Good luck and best wishes for the end of the semester. You are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. GREAT to see a post from you again. I have been slack myself, building up for a big push. Good luck with finishing your degree and, just fyi, I LOVED graduate school. Jay