Sunday, January 24, 2010

Farewell to Silvermoon....

Today, we lost another one of our older cats, Silvermoon. She was about or a little over 10 years old, and had been in good health...however, today she came out from under the bed obviously in some distress and when Dreamweaver went to pick her up, it became clear that she was experiencing a stroke or a seizure....probably a seizure. She recovered somewhat, momentarily, and was alert and aware. Dreamweaver brushed her coat out (Silvermoon's absolute favorite activity) and offered her water and got her back on her feet. We put her with us in the studio, where she appeared to have several more seizures. At one point, alert and brighter, she climbed into Dreamweavers lap and purred and sought petting. Shortly afterwards, she simply seemed to slip away from consciousness, and then quietly passed.

Her passing could have been so much harder and she could have lingered, or hidden away for us to find her too late. Instead, she came to be with us, and though the seizures were distressing, she was alert and loving right up til the end. We chose not to break neck getting her to the vet, because past experience has taught us that there is not a lot the medical establishment can do in this scenario. In this case, there was nothing they could have done to change Silvermoon's situation, and she was far more comfortable and happy with us at the end then in a cold frightening unfamiliar place with strangers around her.

Silvermoon, we shall miss you. You were always the sweetest, shy little cat and always loved having your glorious fur brushed and your vanity pampered. Be at peace with the litter mates who have gone before you - Brom and Bastet. We will meet again, in the Summerlands.
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  1. Farewell, Silvermoon! She left this earth surrounded by love.

  2. Cameron, Lady Grace, I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. Sorry for y'alls loss of another fur baby.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure she would have rather passed, as she did... with you and Dreamweaver, at home. I wish that for my babies, as well. Still, there is that empty space to get used to, isn't there? Time does help. I wish you both peace and healing.


  5. Hi
    I am so sorry for your loss of a loving kitty companion.

    My little Wylie dog got cold enough last night here in Big Bend to climb into my sleeping bag with me for a few hours. I know what good things our animals bring to our lives.

    Thinking of you.