Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GAFilk Part 1

Well, here it is - GAFilk! (I am actually in this shot, though I doubt I am findable) Friday arrived finally, for our departure. Everything looked good...stuff was packed. Priestess was already here...Light did not have class, so she came on with Dreamweaver...and then we hit the hitch that made us miss the opening ceremony (darn it!). We were taking Priestess' modest 4 door sedan down - more room in it than Dreamweaver's car, automatic transmission, unlike Dreamweaver's car, which meant we all could drive if need be, nice size trunk, and working heater (unlike my go-buggy with the broken heater. No one will ride with me 'til spring...wonder why??? And the transmission is slipping. Tires you could read newsprint through too. Not going to Atlanta, no. Here's why we want to cry - I have a station wagon! *sigh*)...anyway, sounds good right. We're on schedule, at least temporarily. Here's where we seriously bogged down: we had to Pack the Car. Near as I can recall this is what had to go in the four door car: one suitcase, a cooler, a 3x3.5 foot painting, Dreamweaver's jewelry gear - three sizably heavy bags and a box - one guitar, 2 doumbek drums, the Lollipop drum (3 feet in diameter - sounds like a lambeg!) Priestess' clothing bag, Light's back pack (she won the "she who packs lightest" award!) a ukulele, a strum stick, a guitar stand, a music stand, the crockpot, a bodhron drum (17" in diameter), the CD case, Priestess' walker, various assorted miscellany, such as extra sodas, and pillows etc...and, oh yeah, the four of us. We would have never made it if it hadn't been for Light's incredible packing skills (genetic, we suspect, from her Da, Superman, the overly engineered!)! It took longer than we had allowed for, and there were several unpacks and repacks...a shallow grave was threatened a few times as items were added. But when she got through folding the space time continuum, it ALL fit in there, including us. I think if one more molecule had been added, implosion would have occurred and we would have disappeared into a black hole. Let all sing the praises of the awesome Light ! (pictured above)

The painting was for the GAFilk auction (as were the ukulele, and the strum stick). The GAFilk auction proceeds go to Interfilk, an organization that funds bringing guests to filk cons. They have brought guests from as far away as England; Alexander James Adams traveled from Oregon this year. So, it's a very worthy cause, and most of us, when we can, bring items to donate, and most of us who have money come prepared to bid like crazy. This year my donation was a painting I did, titled "We took it with us..." showing a filker on another planet, or perhaps dreaming of being on another planet, blowing a dandelion's seeds to the sky. Yes, that is my guitar pictured there...she posed! In the chaos of the wake of semester ending, and other craziness, I did this painting in about 2 days flat. It's more linear than painterly, a technique that I fall back on for speed when needed, and there would have been more detail if there had been more time. But I am very pleased and happy with how it turned out. When we arrived, Fiber Geek, one of those in charge of the auction, took one look and on her authority sent it straight to voice auction, skipping the silent auction - something I was even happier with. Dreamweaver also donated an absolutely beautiful necklace with a blue Murano glass focal point in the shape of a musical note, and hand made beads that she created. This too was immediately slated for voice auction. The ukulele and the strum stick were donated by Priestess in honor of Truthteller, who passed away months ago...it was his wish that some of his musical instruments be donated to the Interfilk auction. These also went to voice auction. More about the auction as we get to it.
So, we all ventured forth, bravely down the road, off to the filk, car bulging at the seams. We arrived around 8:00 - 8:30 and discovered to our great joy that all our hotel rooms were on the same hall and across from each other - Fibergeek, Cat, Booboo (Cat's adorable almost 2 year old son, who had all of us out numbered all weekend!) Dreamweaver and myself in 423 and Priestess, Light and Light's Da, Superman who was able to join us (and there was great rejoicing!) in room 424! Yay! (as an added bonus, our friend Gorgeous Amazon was a few doors down as well, we found out later!) Hotel room digression...generic room, hotel, one. Beds apparently cunningly constructed of cinder blocks. Bleah. Bath tub an added happy bonus! (we don't have a tub, only a shower, due to the fact that we...ahem...set the tub on fire a few years ago. If you ask nicely, I MIGHT post that tale at some point...maybe.) End hotel room digression.

Momentary Pause...

Left to right, Priestess, Dreamweaver, and Light, with Superman, the height empowered in the back...

Myself and the Gorgeous Amazon...sigh...I'm short. :)

Dreamweaver and FiberGeek...best friends and counting for 13 years

Cat and BooBoo, in the closest I have to a still shot of them...if we had this boy's energy, we'd rule the world!

This is the part one post - much more to follow, very shortly. If I did all in one post, I think my reader's eyes would glaze over and fall out...it was a huge weekend with many wonderful things! So, part two, already on the way. A final note...these beloved people pictured above are my dearest friends...my family of choice. And there are a few more dear friends in that category still to come that you will meet as we move forward in the great tale of GAFilk 12. Hope everyone enjoys...


  1. Ha ha, with all that gear and people in the car, you must have been riding about an inch off the pavement! Great painting you donated, by the way. I bet it was a popular auction item. Looking forward to Part 2.

  2. I saw an artist recently whose work reminded me of that packing experience. I'll send his name to you soon--I want him along next roadtrip or move!
    I am honored and truly enjoy being a part of your family of choice. Much love.