Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jumping into the Middle...

I got suckered into this blogging thing...I mean encouraged to try-ahem-blogging by my partner Dreamweaver, so here I am. We shall see what happens. *grin* The labyrinth has been an enormous metaphor for me about my life's journey, ever since I walked one for the first time in August of 1998. The impact of the whole experience was so huge that I wrote a song a few days later that pretty much defines the whole concept of Labyrinths, spirituality, love and my life's paths.

Labyrinth Song
W/m by "Cameron"
@ August 1998
Spiral in, the journey takes us
Larger, greater, deep within
Than it's outer boundary marking
The lines upon the hearts of men.

Further up and further in-
Hear Creator's voice, a roar
Of all that lives and breathes and rushes
The beating pulse forevermore
Hear Creator's voice, a whisper
Beyond the living wall of flame
Beyond the rumbling roll of earthquake
As rocks themselves cry out the name!

Hold your hand above the center
Feel the power throbbing there
As the spiral draws you outward
Away from all you long to share
See your steps next to the ending
Know how close forever is
Yet the spiral pulls you inward
Away from unimagined bliss

Every step a painful journey
A throb of sorrow, a laugh of pain
Every tear you shed of gladness
Cleans the heart in bitter rain
Surrender therefore to your living
Dying daily, born again
Walk the spiral to the ending
To the Heart where it began.
(repeat refrain twice)

So this blog will become space to muse about my journey through life's Labyrinth and the twists and turns thereof. So far, it's been a wonderful adventure, and I look forward to where the path takes me next! Anybody who is interested may join me on the Labyrinth walk...
um...PS. I have to post one caveat...I am in school right now, and I intend to use this blog as a journal...however depending on school work loads and responsibilities, there may be gaps of times between posts. I have to be responsible! *sigh!* It won't always be this way!


  1. know you wanted to be here. You just needed an excuse! LOL Welcome, love. I figure it's another way to stay in touch with each other, and possibly with beloved friends. In a world where we sometimes only seeing each other snorring, I consider this a blessing.

    All my love,
    Grace DreamWeaver

  2. That song is lovely. I've never been to/in a labyrinth, but reading this really makes me want to see one in person. It sounds powerful.