Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Done and over and yet not over....

For anyone who is checking in to read, I am going to be a good girl today and work on my school work...since one of the assignments involves a composition, I may post it here later just to show what I am working on. Briefly....
The funeral is over, everyone has begun to scatter to their homes. Some are staying for a week. Priestess has several friends, her "brother" Trueheart, Misbehavin' and her sister continuing to be with her as of now. Christian Mystic was able to give good advise re: Social Security issues, Fiber Geek solved computer problems, Dreamweaver and all involved did housework -the house is cleaned, Priestess' meditation altar room is cleared and reset, and decisions are being made regarding possessions and keep sakes. And there is a ton of food in the house, sent by many, which is good, since it was much needed!
Dream Weaver and I are arranging our schedules to spend time with Priestess every week and see what continuing needs she may have.
When I pulled into the driveway Sunday night at 2:00 AM after taking Christian Mystic home to GA, I checked the odometer - I had done over 600 miles and crossed state lines 4 times in 24 hours. I was exhausted and spent Monday being courted by a migraine. (I keep telling it "No!" and sending back the flowers...)
The funeral was an abbreviated Episcopal funeral, which brought comfort to the family - and left a great many pagans squirming in frustration and puzzlement. We will be having our own "funeral" near Samhain for Truth Teller's Pagan community. Funerals are for the living. Truth Teller has already the celebration he needs - he came to the Summer Lands at Solstice, or to Heaven, and runs free of illness and pain there, reunited with his stepdaughter and grandmother and any others who have preceded him. However, the Episcopal funeral was well done, and dignified - Truth Teller would have approved, I think. (having been to a funeral that came very close to me assaulting the minister afterwards with violence due to the insult of the service, Father Cameron was no problem and kind and gracious to all of us. I'll tell the tale of the other funeral another time)
As I am an Episcopalian, the service also meant a great deal to me, as I was familiar with the form - it was an abbreviated version, as there was no eulogy, and no Eucharist. But that was ok - I'm not sure that the family needed to go through a lengthy service. They played Truth Teller out with Amazing Grace on the Bagpipes, played by one of the local pipe band - and that touched all of us deeply, profoundly and primally regardless of creed or belief!
Any and all who read this, blessed be and thanks for all the energy and prayers! You have honored my friend in his passing and given help to his community as we continue to care for his family. Thank you far more than words can say!


  1. Wow, Cameron! You really honor the event and people we both treasure so much. The bagpiper really captures the essence of our experience

  2. A graceful crossing is a blessing for all. The service coinciding with Samhain will probably be much more meaningful for this circle of friends and loved ones.

    Rest, dear one, as much as possible and/or reasonable. And do good work. Blessed be.

  3. Thank you Java! Believe me, I slept myself out, which was more than my poor Dreamweaver has been able to do! Keep her in your prayers!
    BTW, have added you and Light to the blog cast of characters...So Light has achieved that life long much sought after attainment...blog continuity!
    Love you both very much!

  4. Glad you finally slept yourself out.
    I did that last night. Aided muchly by sushi, a bottle of sake and a glass of firefly vodka - my new favorite thing.
    and thanks for summing the funeral up so nicely.
    They are for the living.
    Priestess and Trueheart are going to be joining me this weekend for the CSTS showing up in Charlotte. She's planning on trying to keep busy and I can't imagine a better group of folks to do some of that with than the Charlotte Browncoats.
    There's going to be a cleaning and sorting party tonight here at Casa de NerdXtreme. I plan to order pizza's and we're watching Dr.Horrible's Singalong Blog between rounds(for laughs) so if you have time and inclination...mosey our way.