Thursday, July 10, 2014

We're getting there....

Day four of the air conditioner being broken down. Still not promising coherent thoughts in blog posts til this is over. The cats are beginning to resemble Salvador Dali paintings, draped all over the house in melting poses. We did get some relief today when a major storm with hail blasted its way through the neighborhood - it probably dropped the temperature 15 degrees out there, the house became substantially cooler and even comfortable for a few hours!
Tomorrow the AC repair person is coming to fix the motor. Less than 24 hours to go, this is going to be such a relief! Bonus moment, if possible, will probably pick up new phone tomorrow evening too. AC comes first!
Also, it is now July 11...and fireworks are still being shot off in our neighborhood.

This whole situation has been a bit nuts, my van, my phone and the air conditioning all died and broke down within a week of each other. We managed to put together part of the funds needed to dig our way out, some very dear friends have jumped in to help us make it the rest of the way.
Somewhere in the foggy zone of coping with heat prostration I wrote a Filk* song about this.
I wrote the lyrics, the music is by Leslie Fish.

These Things Come in Threes, Y'know..."

"Helping out a friend that day and miles away from home
The van locks up, now broken down, no further here to roam
Fortune comes in tow truck dude
who gets it turned back on
Just get it to the shop he said,
And then you journey on.

These things come in threes you know,
So wonder what is next
I've reached the shop, come pick me up
I'm sending out in text.

Next day I call the shop to find
It closed for holiday
I leave a message to be found
A week from now today
And hanging up the phone I find
Disaster number two...
The phone gives up the ghost and dies
Just as I'm calling you...

These things come in three's you know
And that was number two
The van is dead, the phone won't charge,
You'd think I'd get clue...

So working out the budget now to
Pay for phone and van
I noticed that the house is hot
And to the window ran
The air conditioning froze up;
the cats began to melt
I really can't repeat the words
Describing how I felt. (Spoken: I really can't...there might be kids present...)

These things come in threes you know,
And oh boy was that one three
Forget the van, forget the phone
The heat is killing me

So step by step we'll figure out
A way to pay these bills
And wonder just what deity
We angered for these ills
We're trying hard to focus on
The good things we still have
Shared joys will double if we try
And misery it halves..

Those things come in threes you know
How precious they can be
My friends who hug, my pets who purr
And my wife, who so loves me!

(Lyrics by Cameron
Music by Leslie Fish)

*For non-Filking friends, Filk is the art of writing songs, often in a SciFi Fantasy milieu, though subject may be about anything, and often to a tune that someone else has written as a deliberate parody. So I have committed Filk here, but I promise, I washed my hands afterwards...


  1. Good song! Your three blessings still far outweigh your three troubles, so you're ahead of the game!

  2. Yes, they most certainly do!

  3. I honestly hope that your air conditioning unit has been fixed, Cam. It's unfortunate that it broke down, along with the van and your phone. I'm hoping that the coming months will prove to be of more optimistic to you. Also, thanks for sharing that beautiful song by Leslie Fish. Take care! :)

    Harvey Chapman @ Liberty Comfort Systems

  4. How's your AC holding up? I hope it's faring better these days, as I'm sure the AC repairman has fixed it by now. You had a lot of stuff going on for you back then, what with your van, phone and AC unit all breaking down almost all at the same time. Hopefully, all is well for you by now. Thanks for sharing that, Cameron! All the best to you!

    Shelley Coday @ C & C Heating & Air Conditioning

  5. Those things definitely come in threes! I can only imagine how frustrated you were when those mishaps occurred simultaneously. I hope you were able to repair them as soon as possible, especially that HVAC unit. Anyway, I love your Filk, Cameron. You have a great talent for writing, and I look forward to your future compositions. Have a great day!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp