Friday, July 11, 2014

There's News and Then There's News....

OK...good news and bad news. Lets start with the bad news...All happy and excited over the AC repair guy coming this afternoon to get the air conditioner back on. Around noon got word that he would not make it until tomorrow, probably afternoon. I swear I nearly lost it. Saturday will be day 6 without air conditioning, in 90+ degrees, humidity "Feels like" 99.
I managed to rein in my homicidal moment, did a bunch of grounding, centering, and breathing, and readjusted my expectations. He did message us and apologize, the usual each thing on his schedule kept taking longer and longer as repairs are wont to do - you think you've got a hour and a half job all figured out and when you get into the repair, it suddenly take 3 1/2 hours plus time spent going and getting the widgets and gizmos that you suddenly don't have. And one will be out of stock. So the jobs get pushed further and further out through the day, and some people fall off the end and have to be scheduled tomorrow. I really do get it. I know he's doing his best.
So...tomorrow. We can do this. The cats and the dog are OK, making sure they have plenty of water, but the cats particularly are doing Salvador Dali melting imitations all over the place, draped over the furniture.

The good news is that I went ahead and got my phone replaced, and am very pleased with it. It has good resolution on the camera, good connectivity, and it cost less that my old phone which the only way to describe it was "piece of crap." The new one is great. On the other hand, I lost phone numbers, so am working on building them back up.  The lake pictures are officially back, and not only was tonight's sunset beautiful, it gave me a chance to really see how the resolution on the camera phone did. And it is excellent.
So...I will leave you with my view of the lake tonight, and look forward to tomorrow and a much cooler house. Good night and blessings to all....


  1. Here's hoping you're basking in air conditioned comfort by Saturday evening!

  2. It's good to see you understand how things work. Sometimes, a repair takes quite a bit longer to do than expected, sometimes due to the problem being more complicated than what it initially seemed, or a part has to be fetched somewhere far away. I hope your repair person was able to fix your air conditioner though! The heat can't be good for either the cats or the dog.

    Shelley Coday @ C&C Heating and Air Conditioning

  3. In a 90 degrees weather, having a broken AC unit was indeed bad news. That must’ve been so stressful for both you and your pets. Good thing your repairman was very determined to solve the problem. It may have taken him a days to repair it, But at least he did his best. How’s your AC now, btw? I hope that last repair held up nicely, and that there were no more problems thereafter.

    Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son

  4. A broken AC is surely a hassle, more so if you're living in a naturally warm climate. I'm happy you understand the plight of the repairman, too. Obviously, you're not his only client out there. Great patience. Hope everything is going well for you now. Cheers!

    Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC