Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Kinda Sorta Update Post...

A lot has been going on...some of it includes arguing with Blogspot 
over whether or not I even have a blog, while trying to log in here, with it telling me
 "You currently do not have a blog. Do you wish to start one?" Argh. 
At any rate, finally won that argument. So, I'm coming back...however, our air conditioning here at home has broken down, too many brown outs, surges and close lightening strikes on the lake. The motor has to be replaced. Which as its been in the mid to high 90's here, with intense humidity, I don't think I have any brain cells to concoct a coherent post. 
The air conditioning is scheduled to be repaired on Friday. 
I will be posting here tomorrow, but seriously, I don't really expect anything that makes sense out of heat prostration before Friday night. I will do my best...I promise you, oh blog. And anybody who might be reading. It will get better. 
I just think I'm going to melt before then! LOL! 

And here's a cute picture of a cat...
Yes, its Thor...

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  1. Why do air conditioners always conk out at the worst possible times?