Thursday, June 16, 2011 see...

Rob Ruadh and Séamus
‎*FACE...PALM* Um...remember us talking about the adoptive mom cat, Marmalade, who jumped in to help Lucy mother the kittens?
Well. She evidently had ulterior motives. 3 of them. Two of them pictured here, about 2 and a half minutes old - the third was on the way. These two are both little boys, named Séamus (the little black one) and Rob Ruadh (the little orange one) and a little girl - a dark callico just like Maya and Audre, named Maire. Everybody is fine, except I am having a nervous break down. Firedancer the Second, who fathered this fine brood (both of them) will be having surgery in two weeks. Whether he wants to or not is immaterial. We never even knew she was pregnant - aka. known as a stealth pregnancy (had one other cat that pulled that one on us, years ago). Everyone else will also be attended to at the proper ages, immediately! Although getting Lucy fixed is going to be a nightmare as she is shy to the point of being feral. So, welcome the newest additions to the family. And yes, they are all in the same box. Snoring. Contentedly. 
I however may be awake for awhile...


  1. Shiiiiiiii....! Surprise!
    Um, Bad Firedancer? Oi. Good luck catching all of the cats for their fixin's.

  2. Firedancer the Second, you had your fun. Time to pay the piper.

  3. So not good for me to read this. I have "kitten-itus" in a bad way!