Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kittens on the loose!

Dante gets checked over by Bearcub.

Maya contemplates the escape route, as Audre looks on...

Dante...note the dog's nose in the upper right hand corner...

Dante and MacDubh. MacDubh follows Dante everywhere when the kitten is out and wandering...Dante is utterly unconcerned about this large entity sniffing and occasionally giving him a helpful lick with a large tongue.

Dante on the move - "Wow, its a large world! I must explore!"

All five kittens have been compulsively escaping the kitten box, by the way. I will be adding more pictures, as I get shots of all five. The mom cats are looking fairly frazzled! The dog thinks it's great!

PS. When I say "momcats" plural, I must tell that one of our other cats, a brindled calico named Marmalade, has decided to jump in and co-parent the kittens with Lucy. So Lucy has been able to take breaks and turn about. This is not the first time we have seen an "un-involved" cat decide to help parent newborns, and its always a delight!  Bearcub, pictured at top with Dante, is a particularly paternal cat who adores kittens and I have no doubt he will be teaching them the joys of egg hockey in a few weeks. We hope the house will survive.

Marmalade, the adoptive mom cat, on the far left with Lucy, the birth mom, and Amergin and Rosie...


  1. Same-sex coparenting kitty Moms -- how appropriate for Pride Month!