Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jeanne Robinson March 30, 1948 - May 30, 2010

This past Sunday on May 30th, Jeanne Robinson of the husband and wife writing team, Spider and Jeanne Robinson, passed away. They are the authors of the Stardance Trilogy, which includes Stardance, Starmind and Starseed. The gist of the books tells of a dancer who goes to space to dance, escaping the definition of up and down imposed by gravity, and in doing so leads the human race to the stars.

Jeanne was an author, a dancer, and a lay ordained Soto Zen Monk. She will be posthumously ordained as a Buddhist priest. As a dancer, she studied under Martha Graham, and was eventually Artistic Director of Halifax's Nova Dance Theater for more than 8 years, and choreographed thirty original works. She was actually scheduled decades ago to go up in the Space Shuttle's Civilian Program to explore zero gee dance, but her dream was grounded when the explosion of the Challenger ended the program.

She is survived by her husband, Spider Robinson, her daughter and son inlaw and her grandaughter as well as other family and friends. Please keep them all in thought and prayer.

Stardance, the first book of the trilogy is in the process of being made into a movie.http://www.stardancemovie.com/index.htm

I cannot begin to express how great an impact this woman's writings and life have had on me - I grieve for Spider and her family, friends and family who are parted from her. I do not grieve for her - such a great soul has passed from the illusions of this world into glory! I include here footage of Jeanne Dancing - her last public dance insofar as I know - and footage of dancers exploring zero gee dance concepts towards the Stardance Movie.


  1. What an accomplished life of a woman who was obviously a creative free spirit! Sounds like she lived her life to the full.

  2. She was a great light and a huge influence on me too. Thank you for such a lovely post.