Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation Pictures...

ASL Interpreter for the graduation ceremony. Note the Pink Panther in the chair to her right...

Pink Panther - class mascot for the Class of 2010

President of the College - who took the Pink Panther in her chair in stride and humor.

Receiving my Diploma...

...and my Hood!

Proud relieved graduate of the class of 2010!

In front of the auditorium.

Cameron and Skeptic
(She was my college roommate my first time through college over 20 years ago! Faithful amazing friend!!)

Cameron and Dreamweaver
(I would not have this degree if it were not for my beloved Dreamweaver.)

My parents, who have loved me all the years of my life - I am so thankful they were able to be here on this day!!!

(not pictured, but present - True Heart and Priestess, who had to hurry on to a family birthday party, and Light, who went AWOL in the mob after the graduation; she was a Junior Marshall for the Graduation. Their love and support saw me through all this in a big way!)


  1. Nice pix! The kind to treasure forever. Plus the Pink Panther -- cool!

  2. Congratulations on a deserved achievement. May it take you places you've always dreamt of.

  3. I am sorry I was not there for you.