Friday, November 20, 2009

Transgender Day of Rememberance

Last year there were 47 transgender deaths remembered by Trans Day of Rememberance. This year there are 101 as of November the 14th. Death is an euphemism. The word is murdered. In most cases, brutally.
It's more than doubled in one year.
To all my trans brothers and sisters - be careful out there...
To all my allies, please help try to make meaningful change happen, so that we no longer need to mourn those who have died for prejudice, bigotry, hate and fear.


  1. I grieve for the lives lost. I grieve for the families and friends who do or don't even know what happened. I grieve for my community, which is threatened by this type of violence daily. And I grieve for a world that allows people to die for being authentic.

  2. A sombre day of remembrance and action.

  3. Terrifying...Seems there's more inhumane bigots born everyday than good decent people. What the hell does one do to eradicate them all? Makes me wish I knew a vigilante.