Monday, November 23, 2009

Coyote Grace - GREAT music, and Transgender Awareness

Coyote Grace is one of those music duos that is a joy to this case both because of their awesome music and their amazing story...on their home page at Coyote Grace ( their story is quite simply put;

"Girl meets Girl. Girl becomes Boy. Girl and Boy become a band. Meet COYOTE GRACE. If you want a lesson in organic chemistry, take notes and watch the sparks fly between the acoustic downhome duo known as COYOTE GRACE. This old-timey salt & pepper shaker pair is comprised of Joe Stevens, a transman singer/songwriter from Northern California, backed up by Ingrid Elizabeth on vocals and upright bass, a sassy femme originally hailing from the hills of Southeastern Ohio. The two met while living in Seattle, and have been performing as a duo since December 2004, sharing the stage with bluegrass, old-time, folk rock, jazz, and cabarets alike."
Here are two of their amazing songs. The first is "A Guy Named Joe", which speaks directly to Joe Stevens transformation from a girl to a guy and showcases his musical talent as singer and song writer.

The second song is called Summertime and tells the same story from her perspective with the delightful line "thank God boys like her like the girls like me!"

As they travel the Midwest performing, they continue to speak of transgender issues and awareness. Their music is available through their website, and they are generous about posting music to listen to on their site. If you like this quirky delightful laid back music, go buy some CD's and help keep them singing!


  1. Cameron turned me on to Coyote Grace a couple of months ago. I've been a fan ever since.

  2. Truly wonderful music...Cameron, you've infected me with yet another musical bug. Darn you.