Friday, November 20, 2009

Heather and Alex - A Reprise

Meet Heather Alexander and Alexander James Adams

Having posted some very somber statistics for the Transgender Day Of Remembrance, I wanted to take a moment and remember and honor the living. Heather and Alex's story is a triumph of music, art and the power of the human spirit. I wrote a three part blog post about them awhile back, but I wish to share again their music.

You see, Heather and Alex are one and the same person. Heather was Transgender...and after years of internal struggle reached the point where she could not go one step further without turning and becoming who and what she truly was...she risked her voice and career to transition and become Alex.

She gave one last concert as Heather to say (and sing) fare well, and then she "went to the Land of Fairy to be granted her deepest wish." Alex meanwhile, "escaped" from the Land of the Fae and came and stood in her place, heir to her musical legacy.

Here are two videos, one of Heather and one of Alex. The video of Heather is dark and the camera is shaky, but it is worth seeing for the power of her performance of Fairy Queen" and her presence on stage.

This next is Alex's version of the same song, to tell his side of the story, as he came back from the lands of Fae...

So this is a triumph of the human spirit, of authenticity and some fantastic music as well.
(and this is not the only trans musician I follow...I will post more of that another time)

Please enjoy the music, and if you want to read my original three posts, follow the tags. They are linked, in case you wish to read a fuller account of their incredible story.

Alex's website is found at Fairy Tale Minstrel,
Please go check it out, support his music and get CD's...and Heather's music is still available though this site as well.
This is tagged so that it is linked with the other posts I did about Alex and Heather.

So this Trans Day of Remembrance closes here with inspiration and hope.
May you enjoy the music and be blessed even as I have been...

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  1. Transitioning through "the Land of Fairy" is such a delightful mythopoetic way of expressing this magical change!