Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My cat Bearcub...

Just wanted to add this for no reason except that it is a really cool picture - it's the perfect cat photograph. This is Bearcub, dreaming kittty cat dreams. I always smile when I look at this, so I wanted to share it.


  1. You loose butch points when you paint cute animals and make over furbabies, love! I think you are a softie. And I love you.

  2. Your furbabies really are sweeties, though. We have a new one (yes me who has said that I wouldn't get any more...) Kyree is about 2 months old. He has Thor's color (right down to the silver nose!), Tully's face shape (although his nose is not quite as long), and Tannis' funny, coarse coat. The girls don't really like him but Jakkin, the crotchety old man, thinks he's pretty cool. In fact, the reason we took him when D and the jerk of a boyfriend were looking for a home for him is that Jakkin was saying Kyree is supposed to be his replacement as Cat's familiar and that he needs to be trained. (grin!)

    Love ya!