Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Family Gift

My paintings are on my blog...
And in my post "Remember this day..." (see Family tag) about my family the night that we watched the astronauts land on the moon there are two paintings of my grandmothers. My father painted those portraits. Another member of my family is a cousin, Steve Dillard, who in the 80's won the prestigious South Carolina and West Virginia Duck Stamp award.

Above is the South Carolina Duck Stamp from 1987, "Black Ducks at Dawn." I saw it when he was working on the painting and it was only half finished. I remember telling him, "Steve, you've won with this one!" He laughed and said that there were others just as good, and that the judges would probably just flip a coin. In the end, I was proved right.

The very next year, in 1988, he did it again, winning the West Virginia Duck Stamp with his "Wood Ducks" painting shown below. As I write this today, in 2009, as far as I know, Steve is not currently painting right now. I hope that he returns someday to the easel and his brushes and take up his gift again.


  1. Pretty!
    When did you have time to post this? I thought you were going to be working all day. Did you get a lot done?

  2. I/we did work all day - and I got a grocery store run in too. I posted this a few seconds ago at oh-dark-hundred when I should be in bed. It's the only way I get stuff onto here, sometimes....*grin*

  3. Very nice...and a very talented family indeed.

  4. Ah huh. Blog addiction should be in the DSM and listed with the symptomology of sleep deprivation! Great post!