Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Found the Drag!

I found one of the pictures of me in drag - Medieval Romance drag. I will confess to a tiny bit of photo-shopping with light values, etc - the original is very dark due to location, a mediocre camera, and I was struggling with some spirit gum issues anyway...*sigh* There are some pictures of just me in the outfit - when they surface, I will post them. That doublet I am wearing needs to be seen!!! It was originally a costume from the New York Metropolitan Opera productions. ( got it from a friend - Christian Mystic - who got it from etc.)

With me is Luna - originally friend, then partner, then ex-partner and slowly becoming a friend again - we had a stormy relationship, and a difficult break up. It has taken time to heal, but she has come so far - and so have I. I am very, very proud of her! We do a nice bit of stage drag here - this is one of the fun times and memories I treasure!

I look forward to Halloween - Think I am definitely doing the Scot in a kilt thing. There will be pictures and they will be here! Dreamweaver and I will have fun!!!


  1. Wow! Those were different days. You were with Luna, I was with the crazy bipolar/disassociative/psychopath. I remember ya'll were going to stop by the apartment to show off costumes but, as usual, Luna was running so far behind that ya'll had to skip the stop off. I've always regretted not seeing this in person!

  2. Cameron could always recreate it with you?

    Cameron: I understand 'shopping the hair, but I also noticed the eye as well and wondered why. However, your face is very convincing.

  3. Unshopped the eye was not clear, and over all just...once I got it to where the hair looked like hair and the values pulled around - the eye was sorta not there. Originally the hair is a dark shape and the face is a pale shape. If it only was "photo - shop" or adobe...its a paint shop pro imitator. In fact, I think I am going to go pull the dang picture and repost it with less tinkering. I am not happy with it. Brb...

  4. Ok, a couple of go arounds with it have left me less happy with the retries. I am gonna leave it as it is guys.

  5. Send me an unshopped version please...
    Have mouse..will shop.
    BTW... will probably either email you or call you in a couple of days. Had dinner tonight with a friend and the verse lowered the boom on her at the dinner table...she's the friend who looks so much like Meadowlark. She (over the course of dinner) put together than her ex husband and Meadowlark had been much more than friends when Meadow went to the fine arts center. It pretty much flummoxed her to fine out how much the world winds in and around on itself.
    I told her she needed to go visit Priestess.

    By the way, This coming Friday is True Heart's birthday. He's been having a rough time of it lately and I'm not there to do something special for him...could y'all maybe swing in and give him many hugs for me?