Monday, July 6, 2009

Meditation and the Night

On the advice of several people, I have been meditating on the two dreams I have had (see the last 3 posts.) Rather than letting the situation grow until I have to be chased down by the next dream, the suggestion is to yield to the sense I have - and have had all day - of the Other world and the Path and the Abyss being right there closer than my very skin, and go willingly to see where dreaming takes me. So...I am going to go outside, and ground and center and pray. Connect with the moon over head and the world all around me...both seen and unseen. And then I am going on to bed. And visualize that last dream and the path I have stepped on as I drift off. Who knows...nothing may happen. If it is not time, then it isn't time. But I won't be resisting it either, and instead remain open to possibilities. But I kind of think something will. The very air feels as though it is vibrating. I commend my inner self to the Dark and the Path...I did not name this blog walking the Labyrinth for nothing, and I feel that this is what will come.


  1. And on the full moon, too. Beautiful. You slept so hard this morning as I left that I doubt you even felt my kiss, love. I look forward to hearing how your inner journey went.

  2. These dreams are amazing and powerfully written, and I wish you all the best on your journey.