Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have made an important discovery....

I know why my Celtic ancestors used herbs that induced deep trances when they needed to dream or have visions...

Because their %&$@ hunting dogs would not SHUT UP and stop barking!

Meet my dog MacDhu (Gaelic name, means son of the black one). He is a Rottweiler / Dachshund cross. And he is not much of a barker. He only barks when there is a reason - someone at the door, etc. So, when he does bark, I pay attention, particularly at night, because that means there IS something out there. And yes, it is normally my neighbor coming in late or a possum cutting through the garden, but I still get up, flip the porch light, check things out and praise him. Because one of these days he will bark and it will be a prowler! Since he does not bark incessantly, or needlessly, I make sure he knows he is valued and that I listen to him when he says there is something out there.

Well, last night was interesting. MacDhu barked all night long, literally. Not only did I not have any significant dreams, I haven't had any significant sleep! Ah me...I needed a good laugh! This was all getting too serious! Well, whatever it was out there that had him stirred up, I never could see it (once was our late shift neighbor getting home) and no I did not yell at him. If I am going to trust him to let me know something is up, then I have to accept that occasionally I am going to have nights like this.

He is over there on the chair snoring. No wonder he's tired. And me? Tired, no dreams and bleary eyed. But that's OK...dreams come in their own time, even if you open yourself to them. Last night evidently wasn't the right time. I may take a nap later to day - and meditate and see what happens. But as tired as I am, I think I might sleep right through any significant dream! LOL!

So here's to my good dog! May he freaking sleep tonight!


  1. Given the reports in the neighborhood regarding thefts and peeping toms, I agree that I would rather have him bark. But then, Tylenol PM is my friend. Otherwise, I could never go to sleep at 8:00 pm and get up at 3:45 am.

    And I'm a bit bleery eyed myself. Went to bed at 9:30 last night and overslept! LOL

  2. I'd be sorely tempted to go bark at him.

  3. seriously.....try it...just for the look on his face. You're giddy tired enough right now for it to make you laugh yourself limp.

  4. Hey, Missbehavin' - I remember you keeping Silk (a cat) up all day because he had kept you up all night...I may go see what he does. LOL!

  5. One of the professors at school barks... Do you know of whom I speak? I'm sorry that MacDhu was cacophonous. I'm also sorry I cut you off when you called this weekend. I had the volume up high and relatives who think I'm straight right beside me.
    May you have peaceful bark-less sleep!