Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update and Shifting Weather

Well, my last post was about a wonderful snow day...the temperatures have since gone into the 60's and 70's with some rain, and some beautiful sun....

Beautiful day up by the lake....

The clarity of the light and the air was brilliant...

However, I recently spent some nights away from home staying with a friend who has been struggling with seizures, and could not be alone when her housemate was at work for third shift. I am delighted to say that today, test results have come back in and a diagnosis of epilepsy has been made and medication prescribed for her. Well, maybe not delighted, but relieved as she is that there is a.) a diagnosis - not knowing what or why was very stressful, and b.) that there is something that can be done for the situation that may control the seizures. She sees her Dr. again in 10 days, after the meds have gotten into her system and we shall see where we proceed from there!

I have arrived back home, for yet another beautiful day...and the temperatures are plummeting again into freezing weather tonight. Let us once again sing praises for the wood stove! Today, I took my first steps into the realm of splitting wood, with a splitter (an ax with a wedge built into it). My efforts are fairly clumsy - I swear the logs giggle maniacally as they dodge left or right, but my strength and aim will improve. I am being careful as I learn, but I find it to be fun and invigorating!

I work on it in small doses - once I start to miss too much, its
time to take a break! 

And the cats of course, continue to enjoy the wood stove - we obviously acquired it just for them....

Lugh wallowing by the wood stove...he has completed his
takeover of the house via his nefarious "cute beams" and
now contemplates world domination.
Only adult cat I know who can "Out - cute" a kitten! 

So, I am home and happy to be back with my Wordweaving, and my furry four footed children, the house is warm, all is well and I am grateful that there is help for my friend! 

Breathtaking sunset to a gorgeous day...

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  1. Love your new wood stove. I thought you might be interested in a wood stove invention I'm working on to combat the dry winter air. It's an ornamental fountain and humidifier that operates on the top of wood or gas stoves without any power cord or batteries. I've just started a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to test the market. I would love to know if your readers liked the product. It's called the Humid-i-Fire.