Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And We Got Snow!

Having just gotten the new wood stove in the day before yesterday, we suddenly had snow predicted for the following day! So, the first thing that became urgent was getting some wood cut up. I had acquired a chainsaw awhile back, against this need, but until now had never used one before. Our wood pile was collected with our old, now dismantled and gone, fireplace in mind, which had a much bigger firebox than the new wood stove has. The logs have to be cut down to fit. So, with snow predicted for that afternoon, I broke out the chainsaw and began figuring this process out. 

Really like my chainsaw - its electric, which has it's draw
backs, however, it starts up beautifully and runs like a champ.

After a go-round of the chain popping off, and figuring out how to safely brace loose logs while sawing, I got it down, and whacked up logs all morning, racing the clouds, the snow and the temperature drop. Now, remember, I've had two hip replacements, and I spent the years prior to those surgeries becoming more and more immobilized from the deformity in my hips, and the severe pain the arthritis caused. Prior to the hip replacements, I could not have spent the morning chainsawing wood. Even just after the surgeries I couldn't have - I had lost over the years a great deal of muscle mass and wind and conditioning, as I was slowed and then stopped by pain. So to find myself now fit and able to take this on was a joy! I am stiff and sore today, yes. But far from unable to go and do, and I feel the more I move and do, the better off and stronger I will become! Which is good, because I still have the rest of the wood pile to whack up, and some of that I will have to split with an ax. I suspect by spring I will regain a great deal of what I have lost over the years - but just to be able to do this much is so exciting!!!

And then, around mid afternoon the snow arrived! Remember, we live in the warm temperate southern part of the States, and snow is a rarity here...its been 3 years since we've had any snow fall and accumulation in this area. So, its a big deal for us. It's also dangerous, because our cities and towns are not set up to deal with snow and ice the way the Northern states are; we have virtually no road equipment to scrape and clear the roads with because there is rarely any need to maintain it, and not having it saves tax dollars. So when we get any snow or ice at all, we tend to hunker down and stock up in ways that make our northern friends laugh at us. But its a serious issue - without the ability to keep the roads safe and clear, we had 6 cars so far that I know of run off the road above us last night, and there have been quite a few wrecks. Southerners, yes, also tend to not know how to drive in snow or icy conditions - why would we? And those of us who DO know how, stay off the road to avoid the majority of the population who at the very least drive too fast for conditions and end up in trees. So, here came the snow, and Dreamweaver's clinic where she works announced it was closing the following day! We were all set for a day together by our new wood stove!

Snow piling up on my van....

And of course I had to go out for a walk in it
as it flurried around me! 

Our beautiful restored home in the falling snow! The snow fall was
very fine and small, not big flakes, but it mounted up fast!

My favorite picture that I took while MacDubh and I were out
for our walk - his Spiffy Winter Coat came in very handy in the snow!

Snow fall on the holly bushes...

We settled in, and one of the things we did, as the snow came down was to get the broom and keep a path swept on the deck so we could come and go safely. At this point, Ibn, our indoor/outdoor cat indicated he wanted to go outside. He hates using the litter pans - according to him truly civilized cats go OUTside to go to the bathroom. However, he hates snow. He fussed,  and fidgeted and I let him out - and he got part way across the deck, stopped in horror, turned around and came back and demanded to be let back in immediately. Of course, I was evil and took a picture of him quickly before letting him back in!

Ibn: "Let me the %$#@ back in, NOW!!!!"

 As the snow fell, we made a huge pot of steaming homemade ham and potato soup, with homemade cheese biscuits on the side - evidently I had burned enough calories that morning running the chainsaw to be hungry - I ate 2 bowls of the stuff!

Homemade cheese biscuits, and ham and potato soup -
unbelievably good stuff! 

Then as night fell we watched the snow continue to fall off and on through out the evening. We only got between a half an inch and an inch of snow, but it was the good soft powdery stuff and was just beautiful!

Snow on the deck, after dark. 

This morning we got up to the sun coming out and a world made over into a magical crystalline clear landscape. Eventually, though it barely got into the 30's, the snow did melt off where ever the sun touched it. However, icicles formed as it melted, and on the north side of our hill, the snow, and some ice remained for the neighborhood children to sled down with much glee!

The lake in the early morning sun - beautiful, clean and crisp!

So, we spent the day warm inside with our new wood stove, wonderful left overs to eat, warm happy cats and the dog, and time together on our snow day! All in all, a precious day granted to us out of space and time to treasure and enjoy!

Our wonderful wood stove...MacDubh's Spiffy Winter Coat
is draped on the log on the left to dry for it to be all nice and
warm for our next walk out in the cold!


  1. What a great way to break in the new stove . . . and chainsaw! My Rare One has a little electric chainsaw like that and just loves it. She'll haul it out and fire it up on the slightest pretext.

  2. What an altogether wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.