Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Wood Stove Coming Soon!

OK, fellows came by today to measure and so forth for the new wood stove and let us pick out what we wanted, what we're getting is pictured above. Wow.
Its a bit of a necessity, as the current fireplace is a fire inferno hazard waiting to happen. Also, the current fireplace is being totally removed to install the wood stove. Still trying to wrap my brain around this and sort of failing. However, it should actually give us more space. The new one may be this color or black, depends on what is ordered and available - either will do. Will be posting before and after pictures. Can't wait to see this, myself!
You have to understand....I'm a major fireplace kinda guy - ya know, I want the sort of big field stone fire place  with the roaring three alarm blaze you could roast an ox in, while the Riders of Rohan gather to toast the victorious dead!
So I'm kinda of going but, but, but....its so tiny! Realistically speaking, this thing has that whole efficiency system in it that will literally heat the whole trailer on one armful of wood a day. Not kidding - one arm load of wood will burn and heat the house for 9 hours. Really.
You would think we wouldn't need one here in the South. Anybody who has ever lived through 11 days of no power in a Southern ice storm knows better!!! Ugh!
So I'm delighted too and think it looks cool to boot! Very awesome!
But its not the big medieval fireplace I always see in my dreams.
The word I'm looking for is bemused, I think.
Maybe if we hung some antlers over it....
(just kidding, Dreamweaver, no...wait...OUCH!) 


  1. Lovely. And those big stone fireplaces are almost all in cold rooms! They are beautiful, but they just don't heat. This look elegant and should actually heat as well!

  2. It's going to be wonderful, if I can ever figure out what stone we need to buy! LOL