Monday, March 18, 2013

OK, some GOOD news....

Decision made....

Due to the months I lost to medical leave and getting my hip replaced, and after a long talk with my adviser at school, have made the final decision to graduate this coming December instead of trying for this summer *BIG HUGE RELIEF!* I now have the usual mountain to climb of grad school, but I can roll up my sleeves and do it - its attainable, rather than feeling as though I am hanging over the abyss by a thread! I am so grateful! So pressure and stress are still on, but they are normal pressures and stresses. This I can do!

Also, I am getting a NEW HEARING AID tomorrow!!!! Finally! On the other hand, am now extremely poorer! (and I do mean extremely!) Its worth it, though!

And Spring just may be on the way...we still have cold winter temperatures coming at the end of the week, its March and you're never safe to declare it spring here until after March, but this is what the trees looked like this past weekend;

Hope is renewed! 

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  1. Glad that rock rolled off your back! And with your new hearing aid, I didn't have to type that all in caps now!