Thursday, March 14, 2013

My brains are fried...really.

My brain in graduate school....

OK. I have been at this school thing for YEARS now. I got my undergrad degree in 3 years and turned around and charged back into Grad school. I'm actually starting to get near the end goal...sorta. And I'm fried. Totally brains gone, fried.

I know some of you have missed my blogging. I'VE missed my blogging. Hell, I miss ME! Have really struggled this semester with paper work, and I think I maybe have climbed on top of it a bit now, but the at the cost of my last remaining 2 brain cells, it feels like.

I suspect that I'm maybe more than usually tired right now (that paper work thing I mentioned) and that a little self rest and care will help a bit. So I am refusing to have an intelligent thought for the next 3 days (Friday + the weekend). I don't have the brain capacity to spare. I'm gonna vegetate. Rest. Let the little poor shriveled brain cells down there in the dark see if they can rejuvenate and grow a little.

I'm going to spend time with my wife. I'm going to spend time with my poor lonely puppy and my cats. I'm going to sleep whenever possible. Maybe build a fire and curl up in front of it tomorrow night. Read something that isn't school work. (I'm re-reading Les Miserable by Victor Hugo, probably out loud to Dreamweaver, but that's actually light reading compared to what I'm reading in school. Think a about that for a minute folks...)

Mostly I just want to say, I miss my blog. I miss my readers! I miss having the intelligence to be able to write coherently here at the end of a long day. I miss having time, for go'sakes, to be able to write more than a few token words every now and then.

I view life in the metaphor of walking the Labyrinth, so somewhere on this turning spiraling path is the way through grad school. I'm kinda holding on to that. And I ask, please, those that read my blog, don't give up on me. Really. This blog is not defunct. I will keep posting here and there - get me out and through and done, and I'll start back to how I used to write. It may still be awhile. Because I have to be responsible and finish grad school.
But it isn't forever. 
I keep telling myself that. 


  1. PS...Dreamweaver, I know. I'm whining. You had it much tougher! I bow to your resilience and strength and hope to emulate your good example.
    Not to mention there is no way I could get through this without you. You are my salvation. I love you!

  2. Enjoy your weekend of vegging out! No one's a machine. Take time for yourself.

  3. Heh...maybe I'll write a few blog posts this weekend too - about ANYTHING but school!

  4. Hang in there baby....I am finally out, at least. You're still going and we started at the same time. You'll graduate soon, and the hardest part will be done.

    I'm proud of you. The paperwork thing was monumental but you have reached the other side. I love you and I adore you. You've handled all of this very well....there was a time you would have been reduced to a quivering, frozen mess. You did it and you did it on time. Yeah!