Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speaking of Cats...

Yes, the kitten in the above picture is glowing a nice bright green. No it's NOT one of ours. The powers that be are working on preventing Feline AIDS and have come up with this as a possible solution - by inserting genetic material from monkeys who are immune to the AIDS virus into the embryos of kittens, they are, hopefully setting up cats who are genetically immune to AIDS. Added into this is a certain gene from jelly fish, which combined with the other, allows them to track whether or not the genetic material took hold, without intrusive testing on the cats. The jelly fish gene is fluorescent under black light - so guess what? 

So are the cats who received the genetic material successfully. It only shows under black light - a regular flash light, for instance, shows nothing out of the ordinary. The kitten in these pictures is really glowing green under black light - this is not photo shopped. 

If this works, they can create a treatment for cats that makes them immune to Feline AIDS, and maybe it will be genetically passed to the next generation. I suspect the glowing green part is not essential to that immunity....
On the other hand, if it breeds dominant in the cats that have already been treated with the test genetics...we may have begun a race of glowing cats! 
And given the way people are reacting to the idea of glow in the dark cats, if they need funding for the project, there appears to be a line of people forming around the block who would leap at one of the glowing kittens! Imagine - all it would take is a black light night light, and our days of tripping over cats in the dark would be over! Here's hoping the concept works successfully for the kitties. Feline AIDS is a horrible thing...of course, the next logical thought is, does it work with people for Human AIDS? And if it does, its a whole new world!!! 


  1. Those kitties would be great to have around Halloween.

  2. Yet another light to keep me awake at night! LOL

  3. Only if we had a blacklight night light. :)