Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Kitten Pictures - They're Growing!

The Kittens have been growing, so I thought it was time to post an update on how they are doing - 

Above is our cat Lugh, surrounded by Lucy's five kittens - from upper left, and around back up to the right: Amergin, Rosie, Dante, Maya, and Audre.


Lugh and Audre,

Amergin and Rosie,

And Dante...

Amergin thinks the mixing bowls are THE place to be. 

He is a serious little fellow, who is mainly concentrating on growing his ears...

And then there is Marmalade's remaining kitten, Hermione. Who may be the most spoiled kitten on the planet.  She certainly has US wrapped around her paw...

...for obvious reasons! Can it get any cuter? 

And the answer is oh, yes she can! 

Hermione and Rascal

Browning, Rosie and Amergin

Amergin, asleep. See what I mean about growing his ears? 

Hermione, under the covers...

...looking as cute as ever! "Teh cloak of ivizibilti, it is not workin..."

Hermione - the more I sleep, the more I grow! 

I have some more pictures, but they haven't been pulled off the camera, yet. These are all from my cell phone. We have a wonderful tribe and we love them very much! Oh, and yes - Firedancer, who fathered all these wonderful little balls of fur, has been to the vet. We will not be having anymore surprise adventures in fatherhood. And Amergin, and Dante are scheduled to go next.

More pictures soon!