Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tully 1999 - 2011

Our cat Tully, who was diagnosed officially with cancer 2 weeks ago passed away today. He has probably had the cancer for a long time, undiagnosed. This was not a kind of cancer that responded well to treatment - basically we were told to take him home, love him and spoil him rotten. Which we did...he's been getting food and treats any time he wanted and his very own plate of bacon and eggs. We actually manage to put about a pound and a half back on him! 
He has been cheerful, loving and even playful. He has stuck close, curling up in laps or on shoulders, purring and snuggling. Today however, he refused food, and curled up with us and lapsed into semi-consciousness, though he would acknowledge that he knew we were there when we petted him. We discussed taking him to the vet to be put down, but he wasn't having seizures or anything like that, so we decided to wait and see...dragging him into the vet, for several hours in a sterile waiting room that made no sense to him when he was comfortable and curled up next to us or in our arms and still purring just did not strike us as the best thing to do for him. Of course, if he had begun to show signs of pain or seizures, we would have had to rethink that. 
 However he passed quickly, and we buried him under the pussy willow tree this evening. I am going to miss him so much...but I am so grateful he was in our lives. And we have the wonderful loving kittens to comfort us with their antics. I am writing this right now with a kitten curled up asleep on my shoulder - little black Séamus with a little tiny kitten purr. No one of them could take Tully's place, but then, like he did, they will grow up into their own unique wonderful selves. 
Goodbye till we meet again, Tully! Thank you for being your wonderful self and my friend and little fur brother all these years. 
What is remembered, lives.  

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