Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Cat, Tully - Bittersweet Moments.

We have received hard news...our cat Tully, who is one of our sweetest cats, has cancer. It's inoperable, and he has a very limited time left. He is not in pain...he is also eating and drinking, snuggly and active! We've been told to feed him anything, any time, and we have meds for him for a secondary infection which he is responding to. On the one hand, our hearts are breaking, and on the other hand we are enjoying this precious time with him so much! We are, per the vets instructions, spoiling him rotten - er, rottener! He's gonna get his very own little plate of bacon and eggs this weekend too!

I have hesitated to take pictures of him - he is so thin! On the other hand, today I walked out into the living room and found him and one of the kittens, Dante curled up together in the chair and HAD to get a picture of them beaming cute beams at me! The first picture was a little dark, before I got the lamp turned on...

Tully and Dante
 For the second pair of pictures I got the light turned on...
Tully and Dante - "Hi!"

"Did you hear something?"
"Yeah, I heard it too..."
So...these are precious, special days with our dear cat. We love him with all our hearts, and we will see to it that when the end comes that he is not alone, nor will he suffer. This is a sacred space in time. Let us honor it, and our wonderful cat, Tully!


  1. Poor Tully, what sad news. I know you'll make his remaining time special and full of love.

  2. Just seen your article on Crop Circles from Novemenber last year. It's a good one! I fell for the Doug and Dave Hoax in 1991 myself... No, I'm not proud of myself! the next thing I even heard in the media about Crop Circles was 5 or 6 years later when I saw Andy Thomas on Esther Rantzen's "Esther" show. I thought: "What? Is it still going on?" And I looked into the subject and realized I'd been conned!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the crop circle post, Ben! I too was conned by the "We did it" guys on the crop circle hoax hoax. However I was very sad about it. My suspension of disbelief never really kicked in, cause I thought crop circles were cool. So I was very happy too, to be proven wrong. And the video of footage of the crop circle forming was fantastic, so I am glad you got to see that! :)