Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Solstice Gift...

Outside the water on the ground
Is frozen down to stone
I step from warmth into the dark
And hear the deep wind moan
The Solstice Moon lights up the sky
the Dark lies on the Earth
The Great Wheel trembles at the turn
Moving to rebirth

I have seen the Solstice dark
With blood upon the ground
Giving lie to "Peace on Earth"
And no light was there found
I have seen the Solstice heal
Ceasing all my pain
Granting peace and clarity
A sweet carols refrain

And which Truth is now is greater
The violence on the ground?
Or Peace and hope now given
In new memories that I've found?
Change the date's remembrance
Like water into wine
The miracle of renewed life
A harvest on the Vine

Roll Great Wheel and turn
Deep upon the Earth
Bring the change and hope and pain
All bound up in Rebirth
Can we understand whats broken
Until it starts to mend?
No meaning given in our lives
Until we reach our End

In endings are beginnings
In the eternal Wheel of time
The bottom of the great Abyss
Begins to rise and climb
Growing there the Oak tree
Strong in the Solstice Wind
And like those mighty branches
I've learned how to bend.

Cameron 2010


  1. Wonderful poem, Cameron, especially the last verse!

  2. Very nice!

    Did you stay up late and watch the lunar eclipse? Was the sky clear enough for you to see it? I saw it, and am glad I stayed up that late for it. As early as Dreamweaver gets up, she had a chance to the shadow's retreat. That is, if the sky was clear where you are.