Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Friend...

Sitting outside the bank the other day, we spotted a small creature in the manicured bushes by the door way into the bank. We grabbed the camera and zoomed in and this is what we found...
There was a little chipmunk happily sunning himself in the top of the bush!

He seemed perfectly happy and content - all was right with his world and he was just soaking up the autumn sun.

This is the first time I really got to play with the zoom feature on our new (to us) camera. Since we didn't get the manual that had come with it, I am figuring it out as I go. These pictures were actually taken through the windshield of the car - so I did not have to get out and scare the little guy to death to try to get this lovely portrait.

It was a neat thing to share the lovely day with this chipmunk! And I think we are going to enjoy this camera. He eventually hopped down and skittered to a new set of bushes, where we lost sight of him. Hope the rest of his day was as pleasant as that moment in the sun.

I'll be returning to the post series I have going, but I just had to share the moment. Maybe it will share with someone else the joy of a perfect autumn day!


  1. How incredibly cute! I like the idea of sunning oneself on a warm autumn day.