Monday, June 11, 2018

Back in Business!

I've been limping along on a battered almost ten year old computer - not wireless - that the hinges were literally being held together with duct tape and a very helpful friend loaded Linex on it.
It reached the point that I was using it as little as possible due to its fragility and barely doing anything  - no blog writing, no social media, no research for painting. Nothing.
Was totally holding my breath every time I opened it.
Today my dear wife upgraded her computer - necessary for work - and I inherited her "old" computer. Mainly it doesn't have the memory and speed to keep up with her usage, but it's perfect for me! I don't need all the bells and whistles she does and this works just fine for me.
It feels a little weird...I've been running around the internet for months on a cell phone with a touch screen...I keep almost reaching for the computer screen to move things around (I know some computers have touch screens; this one does not.), LOL!
I'll eventually get used to it again.
I'm going to get this blog back up off the ground now that I can dare to type a post without the computer potentially falling apart! Literally!
It's a good feeling!
I'm glad to be back!

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