Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sé do bheatha, agus slán a fhágáil

Last night, sadly, we lost another one of our kitten tribe. Séamus, the little black one, had begun to lag behind the others developmentally in terms of being active and strong. I was afraid we were seeing a case of failure to thrive...the day before he abruptly developed a fast moving upper respiratory, and despite immediately getting antibiotics, food and fluids, and vitamin B into him, he did not respond to any of it. Last night he passed away on my chest, curled up next to my heart. I am grateful for the time I was granted with him. Sé do bheatha, agus slán a fhágáil, Séamus is féidir ... muid le chéile arís.


  1. Oh dear, when they're so tiny, they go so quickly once they fall ill. Rest in peace, little kitten.

  2. Poor Seamus... Sleep well, little one, and I hope your next turn around is longer.

  3. I really miss him...fortunately, his surviving sister, Hermione is doing well, and is fat, frisky and fearless! Will have some new kitten pictures to post soon - the rest of the tribe is GROWING! 0.o :)