Thursday, November 4, 2010

Samhain / Halloween 2010 part two -Trick or Treat

So, on Sunday, Halloween, I got dressed back up in my outfit, I built a fire in the fire pit, lit up my awesome pumpkin and prepared for trick or treaters. have to realize, we have only had one ever show up, once, the year before. For some reason, we don't see trick or treaters in this neighborhood, even though there are kids here. Go figure...I know a lot of parents don't run their little goblins and ghosties through neighborhoods, but go to malls and trunk or treats, for safety's sake.
But I figured, if the trick or treaters showed up...great! And if they didn't, I got the candy...its called a win/win. (unfortunately, Dreamweaver's ridiculous work hours - she has to get up at 3:45 AM to get to work - precluded her being in on this with me, as she had to go on to bed. This sucks. I look forward to someday having a more normal schedule, I honor her dedication to her job, and I know she was with me in spirit.)

This picture was hilarious, Dreamweaver snapped it on the fly as I sheathed the sword, and it looks like I am stabbing the Jack-o-lantern!

Well, as we were setting up - she took the pictures of me, before turning into a pumpkin herself - some of the kids playing next door, on their trampoline, were watching with growing interest. They are Hispanic and I am not sure if their families were participating in Halloween, or if they were more aware of Dias de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead - or if the kids had already been out the night before, or what...
But they came over, finally and I said, "Hey, want some treats?"
"Um...we don't have costumes..."
"That doesn't matter! Come get a treat!"
So they came over, grinning, got a treat each, and I said "Happy Halloween!" The two boys took off, but the little girl, about 6 years old I would guess, smiled shyly up at me and said "Happy Halloween!" Then they all took off through the neighborhood and started banging on doors! Boy, I hope everyone else had treats on call! It was great!

So, I sat out there in the evening dusk and dark, with my fire, and my Jack-0-lantern and enjoyed the night.
No other kids showed up for awhile...
It was getting late, and I was about to call it, when a car went blazing past our place, stopped at the next house, and disembarked a small black clad, bag toting ninja heading for the lit up front porch. (part of the reason I lit the fire pit was that our back porch light isn't working. So much for that idea!) So as the kid sped down the steps - he obviously had this down to a fine art - I hollered, "Hey! Want some treats?"
"Oh, yeah!"
He beelined across the yard, with a very weary father in tow, and got his came around and oohed and ah - ed over the Jack-0-lantern, and off they went at high speed.
So, I actually had some trick or treaters this year! Yay!
Maybe next year, we ought to find a trick or treat set up where we can join in where the kids are coming to it. But I will continue to set up here too...

After all, can't disappoint the ninjas can we!
Happy Halloween!


  1. You created a wonderful Halloween memory for 4 little trick or treaters!

  2. Ah, love. I dream of the day I can linger over the fire with you...of course, I'll still go to bed at 10 or so, but at least it won't be 7 or 8! LOL

    You looked gorgeous in your regalia!

  3. Love this, love this, love this!
    I was supposed to carve something, but I got too caught up in my costume to deal with pumpkins!

    I'm just have you do it next year!