Sunday, October 24, 2010


I grieve to post here that I learned today of the loss of a dear friend - Baron Corwyn Wodeward of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism - a Medieval history and culture reenactment group that I have been a member of in the past and look forward to
being a part of again when I am done with school.). Corwyn was one of the first people I ever met when I joined years ago. He and his wife Deidre were dear, dear friends of mine. His health had been failing, he had a kidney transplant awhile back and, it appears he had a final stroke yesterday and passed away. Still waiting to hear any further details.

Corwyn, blessed be - Pax Requiem! May the Summerlands be your haven and may you be free now of any pain and suffering.
Let us remember his best friend and his wife, Deirdre with our prayers and our love at this time.


  1. The death of a friend is always sad. Rest in peace, Corwyn. Heart's ease in time, Deirdre.

  2. I have many fond memories of Corwyn - most involving a kitchen in one way or another.

    and almost all of them include a great deal of laughter.
    My favorite had to be the time he'd made himself a pair of bi-colored tights - one leg red the other yellow - very snazzy looking to go with his court garb. We were helping out in the kitchen (as usual) and this particular kitchen had a dual door- upper and lower - the lower door was open but the upper was locked. Being much younger and more bendy back then we simply ducked in and out. No worries.

    Well..... bicolored or particolored tights are most easily made by taking two colors of tights and spliting them then resewing the two parts together. This works well when you use heavy sturdy men's dance tights. Not so good when you use lady's tights. A day of ducking in and out strained Corrie's tights at the seams and a hole formed in a crucial area. Corwyn ducked under the door halfway into the kitchen and froze in place...eyes wide. I was the only person in there at the time and he swallowed hard (I imagine that one of the things he was swallowing was his pride) and said in a very high pitched voice " me!"

    I thought he'd pulled his back so I immediately rushed over to take the serving tray and help him straighten up - which caused him to squeak " NO NO NO .... I've got a hole in my tights and .....the.... boys.... have escaped when I try to straighten up the tights pull......tighter."

    It took me a moment but then I did what any true friend would do....I laughed my ass off while I was ah....helping him "free willie"

    His very formidable wife came in - while I'm laughing like a loon and have my hands where normally they wouldn't ever have gone and him very red faced and in obvious pain. She took in the situation and raised one eyebrow. He squeaked out what was happening then straightened with a deep sigh of relief as the pressure released.

    She nodded once and said " Thanks Bronwyn I'll take over from here"