Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001 - 2010 Nine years.

Amidst the politics and hate and propaganda and rhetoric that are being flung everywhere today, let us remember the lives that were lost, and the lives that were saved and the heroes and sheroes of all races and faiths of that fateful day 9 years ago...
Let us remember.....and be better than hate.


  1. May the Lady bless and keep those who touched, heal those who lost, and restore trust and balance to this nation. So mote it be.

  2. I think the memory that will stand out in my mind of that time period was actually a moment I shared with you Cameron.
    My beast was in the shop and you were driving me to the docs office when we crested a hill and there standing out in front of a local business was a circle of people holding hands and praying.

    and I remember another day later on being out in the front yard and cheering when we saw the first plane going overhead again.

  3. I remember that too...I had the worst urge to pull over and join them, but we had to make your appointment.

    And I remember the planes finally starting to fly again...we lived near the airport and so the empty sky with all the plans grounded was one of the most unnerving things I've ever experienced.

    I also remember when I found out...I came out of the bedroom, having slept later than anyone else in the house because of my shift work job, and seeing on the television both towers drop almost simultaneously - it was a rerun and they had edited the time already, so it looked like it happened on top of each other instead of an hour apart. I remember there was no question in my mind about was it real or did you have a video knees gave way and Luna steered me to the futon before I hit the floor. I have always wondered why y'all didn't come get me when it all started, but I guess you decided I would find out soon enough and allowed me a few more hours of innocence.

    The next day I was out driving, and heard America the Beautiful on the radio and had to pull over, I started crying so hard. In fact, I think it was a few days before I really stopped crying...the tears just stayed at a slow leak.

    I also remember that was the week we had gotten the kittens from Tacoma...the 4 that started it all. Baldur, Brigid, Freya and the little grey one with the gorgeous spiral stripes. Remember - I named him Ibn, an Arabic name after Ibn ben Fadlyn in The 13th Warrior, the Arab explorer who met the Vikings (a real historical person by the way.)I chose an Arab name deliberately, in the hope of peace someday.

    May such a day as 9/11/2001 never come again.
    And I will hope and live for peace. Remember - peace is not a destination, but the actions we live every day. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

    And yes...Ibn is 9 years old this year, and fat and feisty and well, and just as beautiful as ever! So a blessing did come into my life, even then...

  4. Yeah I remember the day very vividly. I was sitting at the computer when my friend TVMan Im-ed me - he was actually at work at the network. He said "my god, turn on the TV. A plane just hit the twin towers." then shortly afterwards "crap I gotta go a second plane hit and they say one's hit the pentagon too"

    he gave me his direct feed and password and I watched what he'd been seeing live then connection dropped.

    I remember feeling like the world had just dropped out from under me.

    That was about the same time Luna came out with an arm load of kittens saying " Look!" I remember turning to her and I don't know what my expression was but she took a step back. I remember what I said to her "It's not an accident..its an on purpose"
    followed by "Turn on the TV"

    we saw the first of the reports as they started breaking in to local morning shows.

    We let you sleep because really ....what good would waking you up have done?

    I remember your face when you came out, half awake and smiling " did you see the..." and you stopped stared at the tv and put both hands over your mouth.
    "that's real"

    was the first thing you said after Luna got you to the futon.

    I remember you naming Ibn and the impromptu lawn celebration when we saw and heard the first planes fly overhead again.

    I'll second your wish and hopes for peace.

  5. I never heard the back story of how you and Luna found out what was going on, until now. You were right - waking me served no purpose. Thanks for sharing this with me. It some how fills in that day for me in a way I needed to know. I am just glad that we were all together on that day, you, Luna, me, cats and all - we all needed each other. And Dreamweaver and Fiber Geek would have had each other and their families and communities in Atlanta, at the time.
    It should always be remembered.
    Because the world always forgets too fast!

  6. I'm just glad that it was on a Tuesday and that Luna and I had the day off.

  7. Yeah...I had to go to work. I have no idea why I went in, I should have just stayed home. I certainly was not up to it, and frankly, there was not a lot accomplished that night anyway. The entire place was in a state of shock - except for the machinery, it was deathly quiet all night.